Card of the day for 7th April, 2015

Queen of Cups and Life purpose 


The queen re-appears today highlighting your emotional life, along with the Oracle card – Life Purpose. Our life purpose is something that brings us great joy, while allowing us to serve others. As we begin to experience a shift in the energies, more and more people are questioning their life purpose and following the guidance they receive from deep within. Many of us are stuck doing a job we don’t enjoy just so we can pay the bills. Our bodies and minds are not in alignment with what we do, often dreaming and wishing we were doing ‘this’ or ‘that’.

Today’s message is asking you look deep within yourself and question, what brings you joy? What is stopping you from following your heart and finding a meaningful career doing what you really enjoy? You can always take a step towards your passion by starting small and focusing on your skills. Don’t worry about the ‘how’, as doorways will open for you, once you have taken the small step of moving in the right direction. For guidance related to your life purpose, pay attention to your intuition and concentrate on that which brings you a deep inner satisfaction and bliss.

Some of you maybe drawn towards a profession that involves healing, nursing, counselling or anything that allows for you to be of service to others.


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