Angel messages for 6th to 12th April, 2015

This week, enjoy the Angel messages for the 12 zodiac and see what clicks for you. Please keep in mind that these are generic predictions and may not be absolutely true for each and everyone. I only ask that you take the positive message from these readings and feel inspired, knowing that your Angels are communicating with you and bringing an important matter to your attention, which may reveal itself as the week progresses. Also, you don’t really have to believe in Angels if you’re not comfortable with the idea. This could be ascended masters, your guides or simply your higher self bringing you the Universal divine love and wisdom from our creator. Have fun and a blessed week ahead!

Aries – The Angels are asking you to pay attention to the creative ideas that comes your way this week. It’s also a great time to pursue your interests and hobbies. Drop your worries about how your skills and artistic streak will be received by others and continue on the path ahead of you. A meaningful career will come to you through the expression of your artistic and creative side.

Taurus – The Angels bring you news of wedding and wedding proposals. They also ask that you breathe in love and passion into your marriage if the spark has gone missing lately. Open yourself to the possibilities of love and romance. This is also a good time to discuss the topic of marriage with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Balance your inner male and female energies.

Gemini – The Angels bring you a message to take sometime out and treat yourself with love, rejuvenation and rewards. You’ve been giving a lot of yourself lately. When was the last time you did something for yourself or indulged in a favorite pastime? If energetically you’re feeling weary then it is time to strike a balance and go get some air.

Cancer – The Angels bring you the message to ask them more often to help you. You’ve been single-handedly dealing with a situation. Instead of complaining, simply ask them to help you with your situation, whether it is money, health, relationships or whatever you need assistance with at this time. Alternatively, you are also advised to not hesitate from asking help and delegating responsibilities to the people around you.

Leo – The Angels bring you the message of trustworthy guidance. You’ve received some brilliant ideas to incorporate in your personal or professional life. Trust in these ideas and move forward, knowing that you are being guided and that you will receive all the support you need, along the way. Just don’t forget to ask them to help you. Listen and trust your inner guidance.

Virgo – The Angels ask that you open your heart to love and its possibilities and let go of any old hurt or wounds that are holding you back from experiencing your emotions to the fullest. Don’t be afraid to trust or love again. The answers to the questions you seek, lie within your heart. Also take very good care of your cardiovascular health. Send God’s healing pink light to your heart chakra.

Libra – The Angels bring you a message to look deep within and ask yourself, who do you need to forgive? Forgiveness doesn’t mean you pretend nothing happened, rather you choose to no longer associate yourself with the hurt and pain and give yourself an opportunity to heal and grow. Focus on what you want. Release a negative pattern from your life and clear your mind of all toxic thoughts..

Scorpio – The Angels bring you a message to listen to your intuition and inner voice carefully as you will receive answers to some of the most pressing questions in your life. Quiet your mind, meditate or find sometime in your everyday life away from all the noise and chatter. This stillness is much needed for your soul this week and will provide you with the clarity you need in seeing things through.

Sagittarius – The Angels bring you a message to be more practical and down-to-earth this week. While it is okay to daydream and enjoy the world of your imagination, it is also important to take action and stay grounded. Spend some time outdoors, walk barefoot on the grass and soak in the grounding energy of mother earth when you begin feeling weary and restless. Practice being in the here and now. Grounding meditations are an excellent choice.

Capricorn – The Angels ask that you allow your mind to think outside the box this week. You may have developed a rigid way of doing something and feel that you are lacking ideas. Relax your mind and stay open to receiving. Let your thoughts flow without judging or directing your energies. Be more open to new possibilities and give into the idea of brainstorming.

Aquarius – The Angels bring you a message that children will play an important role in your life this week. Whether this is your own child or a child that you know and are close to, spending time with the tiny tots will bring you much happiness and relaxation. Alternatively, pay attention to your inner child this week. Indulge in activities that you once enjoyed and now no longer find the time to do so. This is also a good week for pregnancy news or adoption related matters.

Pisces – The Angels bring you a message to balance the give and take in your life, as one of those aspects are out of balance. You’re either giving too much of yourself lately without allowing yourself to receive, or you’ve been in a state of receiving and are being guided to give back to the world. Consider donating money, food, clothes etc. If you’re stuck doing the former, then the Angels ask you to stop letting others take advantage of your nice-ness and be more receptive towards the idea of receiving.


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