Card of the day for 5th April, 2015

Queen of Cups


Today’s message is asking us to pay attention to our inner world. Yesterday’s Lunar eclipse may have got some of you driving up the wall and after releasing and letting go of all that is not needed, you are guided to seek balance in your emotional world and nurture yourself.

Your intuition and psychic abilities may seem intensified. What is your inner voice telling you today? What creative ideas are surfacing in your mind? Are you feeling inspired to follow a certain path? Are you strongly feeling right or wrong about something? These are some of the questions to ponder on. Do not ignore repetitive feelings which come to you in the form of thoughts, feelings, signs and seeming co-incidences. Let your imagination run wild. Don’t be afraid to embrace new ideas that come to you.

Your day may also involve working closely with a nurturing, loving and gentle individual who may have important news for you and exudes a calming energy in your life. Seek emotional maturity and open your heart to giving love and care to your near and dear one’s.


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