Card of the day for 4th April, 2015



Today’s card of the day is asking us to seek balance in all our doings. Use the knowledge that is available to you at this time to make decisions choosing to act on logic over fleeting emotions. Justice is an emblem of fairness, truth, honesty and being just. Consider incorporating these traits when faced with making choices. Your heart may pull you in one direction and your mind in another. With the effect of the Lunar eclipse today, it is also possible to experience a sudden surge of emotions raging to the surface, leaving you confused, erratic and illogical. It is important to gain clarity before making up your mind.

Some hidden truth will come to the light today. Pay attention to any legal contracts that you may have to sign today. If you’re stuck in a situation where justice has to be delivered, expect a favorable outcome, provided you’re being fair and just. This card is also associated with Karma, so keep in mind the old adage – As you sow, so shall you reap. This only adds on to further enhance the message to do what is right.


One comment

  1. Mark

    Oh my goodness this is fairly accurate! When I woke up this morning, I was so happy and then later on in the day I was feeling angry and upset. Oh my.


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