Card of the day for 2nd April, 2015

Four of Pentacles


Something is stopping you from taking risks and leaving your comfort zone. There is so much potential to tap into and many greater things to achieve in your future, however, you’re observing everything like a silent spectator withholding participation, probably because you’re scared to expose yourself to uncertainty. With today’s message, it is important to understand that nothing is gained without sacrifices and by taking chances in life. Sure, the security of sticking to what you know and have, may seem risk-free. But expansion, learning and gain requires that you have go out there and not confine yourself.

Emotionally, you may be holding yourself back from expressing your true desires. At some point, you will have to face your vulnerabilities and let go of fear. Materially, you have enough to get past the day, but are you going to stop at that or take the risk and aim for more? You decide!


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