April Taroscope 2015 – Virgo


Overall energy: Virgo, April is the month where you reap rewards for past efforts. After fighting a hard battle in the last few months or days, you finally taste success. Your prayers are answered and you are moving to a better place. If your recent past made you feel stuck and events were moving at a slow pace, then take heart that this month the energy will shift and propel you forward.

Love: April brings joyful news as far as love and family is concerned. You feel secure around everyone and a deep emotional bonding brings inner satisfaction. Singles, focus on your family life. There maybe proposals of wedding or commitment coming your way. Some of you may also welcome a new member in the family. Material success provides a safe environment for your loved ones.

Work: Going back to the overall energy of the month, April brings favorable news after a much-awaited time and plenty of hard work. Your inner strength will guide you in each step. Patience is required and avoid any temptation to give up as you are very close to reaching your desired goals. Someone at work maybe too harsh for you to deal with. It is advised to be compassionate and understanding towards people who push your buttons.

Finances: Go with your intuition where money is concerned. You are being guided to make choices and decisions related to your finances and your inner voice won’t mislead you. You may also find the support of a gentle, caring and loving person this month. Consider donating money for a good cause, especially one that involves issues circling women.

Angel message of the month: The Angels bring you the message to practice forgiveness. If you’re holding onto a past hurt, anger, resentment, guilt or heavy-heartedness towards someone, a situation or even yourself, it is time to let go. Forgiving means you are no longer choosing to associate yourself with those emotions and are making a conscious decision to better yourself by lifting your thoughts and focusing on the positivity.


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