Card(s) of the day for April 1st, 2015

Seven of Swords & Nine of Wands


Happy April everyone! We have two cards today that fell over as I prayed to God and was in the process of shuffling. When I saw these cards, I had a smile on my face and you will know why as you read on.

It is April fool’s day and the seven of swords is one card that brings the theme of deception and trickery to mind. An important day to keep your belongings safe. Be careful who you trust today as all is not what it seems. The Nine of wands is an indicator to raise your defense system and protect all that you have created. Someone maybe be acting treacherously today. Avoid the ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes and read the fine print carefully before you make any investments, deals and purchases.

This theme is not just limited to safeguarding material things but also the intangible aspects of life, especially your ideas and plans as not every well-wisher will have the right motive. Think twice before you share your next big move with people. It will pay off to be extra cautious today and question any sneaki-ness in the air. It’s a beautiful surprise how the cards are reflecting the energy of the April fool’s day by giving you a message to literally not get fooled today where important matters are concerned.


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