Card of the day for 31st March, 2015

Queen of Swords


Today’s message is asking you to adopt a more logical approach in how you view things and make careful and calculative moves based on inner wisdom. Keeping your emotions at bay, do what is righteous, ethical and just. Your decision will have a profound impact, therefore, it is advised that you stop letting your feelings sway you and stick to being honest about a situation.

Alternatively, you maybe subjected to this kind of cutthroat judgement by someone. If your day involves meeting important people today, then know that the other person can see through dubious nature and airy-fairy talks. This is a more action-driven and result-oriented person.

If you’re in the midst of a dilemma and need outside help, then it would be helpful to approach a professional or someone who can give you an objective opinion without sugar coating the truth.

This queen is a reminder to us to stop delaying our plans and start acting on them, to seek out truth in whatever we do and to be honest to ourselves.


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