April Taroscope 2015 – Leo


Overall energy: Leo, April brings you new emotional beginnings. You conceive new ideas, which serve as inspiration to change the direction of your life. This is a great month to start working on those inspiring ideas. Life is offering you a chance at following your heart. The question is, will you take this opportunity and work on building your dreams with this foundation?

Love: You are encouraged to be fair and square in matters of the heart this month. There are important decisions pending and it is absolutely important to be truthful to yourself and your relationships. Your motives are under scrutiny. Clarity is needed where there is confusion. Eventually, what is rightfully yours will come to you. It is also essential to make decisions and to take further steps based on logic and reasoning.

Work: Your work life brings you important news and contracts. Partnerships are highlighted, which opens the door to friendly exchange of ideas. Unexpected help will arrive. There is passion in this kind of merging. Use this passion and build future dreams. This is also an excellent month to resolve conflicts at work place. If there is someone you haven’t been able to get along with in the past, the work energy of April brings ceasefire and peace.

Finances: You have built a secure foundation for yourself financially to bank on, whether you start a new project or want to consider self-employment. You are self-sustained. This may not be the right month to play around with the idea of investing your money without carefully weighing the pros and cons. You should also take time to examine how to expand your means of earnings. Feeling secure is a great feeling, but don’t get so comfortable that you stop growing and looking around for more opportunities. Expand your vision.

Angel message of the month: The Angels want you to focus on energy work this month. Our body surrounded by energy field and as we live in a socially interactive world, sometimes we end up absorbing outside energies of anger, guilt, pain, stress, negativity etc. Consider getting energy healing sessions. Some of you who’re feeling drawn towards this science are getting the green signal to pursue it further. Any type of energy work (Pranic healing, crystal healing, reiki, etc) will prove beneficial for you.


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