April Taroscope 2015 – Aries


Overall energy: April is a month of change. Endings are near, clearing away all that is not needed and making way for new beginnings. If you’re too comfortable and contained, then this is the month that will push you out of your comfort zone. Do not be worried or scared with the changes that comes your way. These changes will transform and help you learn, grow, heal and start a new chapter in life.

Love: Your love life shows significant improvement. Proposals come your way. If you’re working towards bettering a relationship, your efforts will pay off. You are also advised to nurture your emotions and not just concentrate on the physical and the tangible.

Work: There are minor challenges to face at work this month. Not that you are incapable of handling them. You need to understand that you have come a long way and are well equipped to deflect the trials that present to you. Know that everything is within your reach and you can safeguard all that you have worked hard to build. Don’t let agitation and self-doubts get to you.

Finance: As far as your finances go, you enjoy a secure time. You have built the walls of financial dependability. For those of you who are self-employed, enjoy the fruits of your labor as money comes to you through various means. You may also contemplate going on a vacation or taking some time off of work. April brings you a gentle reminder that all your needs are met.

Angel Message for the month: The Angels ask that you ground yourself this month. There maybe too many things going on in your mind, making you feel detached from your reality. It is important to be more down to earth and practical in your approach. Think of connecting with nature, walking barefoot on grass, doing a quick grounding meditation or simply being more present in the here and now.


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