April Taroscope 2015 – Taurus


Overall energy: Taurus, this is a month of realizing your emotions and enjoying a fulfilling time. Open your heart to the possibilities of love in all it’s forms. Someone is being generous, loving, kind and caring towards you and you find inner peace and emotional bliss with this person. On the flip side, you also need to guard against being too sentimental or letting someone emotionally take you for a ride. You have the ingrdients to combine emotional maturity with decision making, which comes handy this month. Consider seeking professional counselling in helping you take the right steps towards an important issue.

Love: In matters of your heart, you are advised to nurture your emotional side. While being practical is a great trait, are you overlooking your emotional needs? Perhaps, this is why the energy of this month is focused on helping you connect with your inner feelings. As you work towards your relationships with others and yourself, you will notice how this brings joy to everyone around and a sense of satisaction to you. Your relationships are also seen to get better, as your attitude changes. Remember, it’s always one step at a time.

Work: You are advised to explore your options this month Taurus. It is very much possible that you are lingering on past disappointments and lost opportunities. You need to keep your eyes open and stay alert, as there are some great options made available to you at this time. Make sure you’re keeping yourself updated with news and information related to career advancement. Move away from what is lost and move towards what can be.

Finances: Your finances look good this month as sudden news and events present you with a chance to make some extra income. Pay close attention to sudden flashes of ideas and options, as they carry potential to benefit you financially. I say sudden flashes because opportunties will not wait for you and there is always the danger of losing out if you don’t act now. An unexpected travel brings good news. The energy of impulse is rife in the air, so go slow on your spendings.

Angel message for the month: The Angels bring you hope and assurance by telling you that what may seem confusing and disappointing, is only a blessing in disguise. Don’t be disheartened if things don’t work out the way you planned them to. Trust that this is just a small piece of puzzle in the grand outcome that awaits you in the near future. Let go of the need to control and you will very soon understand how every setback has contributed towards a better end result.


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