April Taroscope 2015 – Gemini


Overall energy: Gemini, you are being inspired this month to pursue a creative endeavor. A new affair, emotional connection or a new friend is walking into your life. This individual will inspire you and stir up your feelings, making you believe in the magic of love. This is also a great month to let your creativity flow. A brilliant idea may strike you out of nowhere which might be the beginning of a fulfilling enterprise. Whether it is romance, work, hobby or a new project, your inner voice is steering you in the right direction and your intuition is surfacing to offer guidance. A rewarding month especially for folks involved in creative line of work, such as artists, musicians, poets, craftsmen etc. Look around and find out where your muse is hiding.

Love: Romantically, this is a month where things look a little shaky. Expect the unexpected. Relationships undergo a major change. It coul be in the way you perceive life or each other. If the foundations of your love life are not strong enough to withhold the storms, expect a sudden shift. This is a month of testing. What doesn’t serve it’s purpose will fall away and make way for a new outlook, person or lifestyle to remodel your life. Don’t be afraid of changes and growth lessons involved in the challenges. If you have been holding onto a failed opportunity for too long, then the energy of this new shift is giving you an opportunity to start afresh.

Work: This is a favorable month for work related travel and exciting news. If you’ve received a new idea of taking your business to the next level, then this month, you will go to that next level with all your heart and soul. You can also expect to receive some fresh news where work is concerned. If things have been stagnant for too long, then this month heralds change and excitement. Some of you may also be switching jobs; leaving something dull and mundane to a much more stimulating prospect.

Finances: Your finances may take a hit this month as there are some sacrifices to be made. If money seems stuck or your business isn’t yielding enough, then it is time to abandon the old ways and adopt a more innovative approach. Embrace inventive techniques. Some financial difficulties may prolong, therefore, it is important that you carefully invest each penny. Yes, this period will come to an end, but not in the immediate future. Hang on for some more time and change the way you have been handling your financial situation.

Angel message for the month: The Angels are stressing on the need to purify your thoughts and desires to attract what you want. Some of you are a victim to negative self-fulfilling prophecies. You are your own enemy because your thoughts are not in alignment with your desires. The Angels ask that you adopt a more positive outlook and only think of what you WANT and not what you DON’T WANT. This way, the law of attraction will help manifest your wishes.


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