April Taroscope 2015 – Cancer


Overall energy: Cancerians, April is a month where things become clearer and you can expect much goodness and forward movement from stagnating situations. Situations and structures which are not serving their purpose fall apart from your life, giving way for new beginnings. Your innocence and curiosity is as pure as a child’s. As long as you pursue goals with purity and passion, expect a successful outcome to shine on you. The darkness is behind you now, as the sun rises in the horizon.

Love: Some of you will witness your relationships maturing and blossoming like a flower. Yet, there is so much importance given to logic and practicality with very little room for emotions. Do not ignore your feelings and have the courage to speak your mind before it’s too late. If your relationships have been through a confusing phase in the recent past, this month brings a promise of clarity. Singles might want to put down their guard when meeting new people. While your intellect can inspire and amuse, make room to open your heart to others too.

Work: Your work life may undergo a major change. This is not a month to take things lightly. The energies at play are pretty intense and shaky. Some of you will witness an ending of some kind, be it a job, a project, a partnership etc. If you’ve really worked hard to lay down your foundations and built a strong and sustaining work structure, then you will survive the stormy weather. However, if you have not, get ready to start things afresh. Not all changes are easy to transition into and you’re advise is to learn from past mistakes and not be disheartened to start all over again.

Finances: While your work life looks shaky this month, your financial situation shows security that comes from years of savings. This is such a favorable month to receive inheritance and financial support, especially from your near and dear one’s. You’re able to provide for your family and any financial worries will be lifted. Enjoy a cosy times with your family and loved one’s.

Angel message for the month: The Angels are here to lift your spirits high by reminding you of the saying ‘Blessing in disguise’. As you can tell, life does not always go according to one’s plans and it can be disappointing and discouraging to see your plans going haywire. Your message this month is to trust in the divine and allow your life to go with the flow. Take the setbacks as a necessary occurence to ensure your best outcome. Treat every disappointment as a blessing in disguise and open your mind to the endless possibilities that life presents.


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