Weekly Taroscopes for 23rd to 29th March, 2015


This week, I foresee gifts, messages and rewards coming your way. Help and guidance is available to you. People from your past may turn up in unexpected ways, out of nowhere bringing you news you can use. The Faerie realm confirms this message and advises you to let your optimism shine. What you will put out there will turn into a mirror, reflecting and returning your intentions. Emotionally, this is a week that brings you joy and comfort.


This week, you will have tough battles to fight. I foresee victory in the cards for you, but not the one that comes from the application of brute force; Rather, the one that comes with mental agility and strategy. It is time to get a little selfish in your act and put your needs in the forefront. You can’t make everyone happy so, do yourself a favor and don’t carry the onus of guilt and tension. The faerie realm is bringing you a message of abundance and the reassurance to trust your abilities. Don’t give up because there’s too much struggle. Put your best foot forward and face challenges, with the vigor of a bull.


People may judge your emotions on face value but only you know what is going on underneath the surface. You’re working towards getting your life in order, becoming more organized and towards taking control of your life. Time to introduce some discipline and routine. The faerie realm brings you the message of paying attention to your emotions and feelings, which maybe rising and falling like a tidal wave. Appreciate and show your value to the people and positive circumstances that present to you this week.


I foresee some great changes and motivations coming your way this week. Your passion is renewed and some great opportunities present out of nowhere. These ideas or opportunities also bring much potential with it, so it all depends on how you take it and what you make out of it. Got a creative idea that you’re contemplating on? Don’t waste time and go grab it. The Faerie realm sends you a resounding message of new beginnings. The darkness of the past is being lifted away with the light of a new lantern. What you sow now, will reap rewards later. Work on your inspirations!



There is so much energy of movement this week and it brings events, opportunities, sudden news and changes. You’re brimming with ideas but are you willing to act upon it? Because the more you procrastinate, you stand a good chance of missing out on promising potentials. Some of you will also travel suddenly for business or leisure. The faerie realm is stressing on the importance of focus this week. You know what you want and you will receive one chance to make the big impression. Do not get distracted and lose sight. The signs that you’re receiving are divinely guided and serve as reminder that you’re on the right path.



This is a week of decisions for you. Apparently, there is so much confusion in the air and you will be busy looking for clarity and clear-sightedness. There might be an individual you will have a tough time dealing with. It looks like there is a lot of ‘proving’ that needs to be done this week and you need to be wary of others motives. Your ideas carry potential but make sure you have done a thorough research. The Faerie realm is asking you to be determined and patient. Your plans may seem jeopardized but you are still in control of overthrowing any powerful force. Keep your hopes alive!



This is an important week for you, as you leave the familiar and get ready to jump into the unknown. You’re ready to take on risks. So what’s the flip side? You may have moments of doubts, while you’re inspired to make new choices. Your advise is to trust the magic of change and take a leap of faith. The faeries are indicating that a new beginning is imminent. What no longer serves you is being cleared away from your life, making way for a new and exciting journey ahead. Be in harmony with the new gateways life is opening for you and trust the Universe.



You are entering a positive phase this week. There is joy, abundance, happiness and all the good things. Expect delays to come to an end, improvement in relationships, conflicts resolving to your favor etc Your faith is renewed and optimism rejuvenated. You’re creativity expresses itself freely and is well received. The Faeries are in the mood to shower you with gifts and help make your visions more crystal-clear, ensuring your success. News that shocks you could be a blessing in disguise.



New commitments, enterprises and promising start awaits you this week. Financial security is highlighted and chances are, you will receive some form of monetary gift. This new phase has the potential to go a very long way. Your passion will determine how you mold this opportunity. The Faerie realm is bringing you a message of harmony by bringing an end to all arguments with family and friends. They also insist that you listen to your heart and go after your dreams.


This is a week of new emotional beginnings for you. Whether it is your romantic life and new love or a feeling of contentment, there is so much harmony and peace in your life. A new offer is made that fills you up with passion. If you’re emotional life has shown you turmoil in the past, take heart in this weeks energy and the abundance that comes your way. You may receive tempting proposals. The faeries bring you a positive message this week that if you’ve been waiting on answers from someone, then you will receive a positive response. Your talents shine this week and you are encouraged to try to resolve conflicts. They ask that you never despair.



A happy and fulfilling week is ahead of you where success comes knocking on your door. Whether you’re expecting to hear about a job offer, planning your next business move or even entering a new relationship, the energy of the sun breathes life into all your endeavors. The faeries have good news where romance is concerned. This week also brings together the uniting of two hearts. Romantic love finds you. Pay attention to the new people who come into your life. A great week for marriage and engagements.



This is a week of social events, adding new names to your contact lists, events and celebrations. In business, your charisma and dynamism wins you support and admiration. You’re in the leaders role and lot of people look upto. You’re guided to trust your intuition. That inner voice of yours is trying to get a message across. Be confident and trust in your abilities. The faeries are bringing you news of abundance and fertility. Even if your current situation does not offer you much hope, change is on its way and brings you many reasons to be happy and content.


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