Card of the day for 20th March, 2015

King of Pentacles


Today’s card is indicative of a stable and reliable energy. There is a sense of groundedness today. From yesterday’s volatile energy, today we settle down and work towards setting the foundations to build a lasting and concrete dream, again.

Dream big! Make a list of your goals and also take into consideration your achievements so far. This King reminds you that your dreams are achievable and you also have the resources to help you get on your feet again. These resources could come in the form of friends, a significant person who you can trust or take help from or even assets you can rely on at this time. The KOP stands for hard work, perseverance and doing things the right way. There are no shortcuts to success and he very gently reminds you to embody these characteristics to attain your goals.

This King may also walk into your life today in the form of a person who is straightforward, honest, ambitious, generous and settled. He is a provider and is willing to offer you something. If you’re applying for a job, keep in mind the above traits and be practical and down-to-earth in your approach. Enjoy the steadiness and secureness that is brought under the influence of the KOP today and apply practicality in your doings.


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