Card of the day for 19th March, 2015

The Tower


A significant day where fresh ideas replace time worn beliefs. Old structured way of living or perceiving is substituted for something unfamiliar, untried and unaccustomed. Something you’ve held onto for long is falling away. Abrupt endings take your world by storm, nonetheless making way for a new start from the scratch. This may push you out of your comfort zone and seem intimidating at first, but here is a platform for you to rebuild and redesign your life, goals, creations etc to bring out the best that is yet to be seen.

Some of you may also witness the closure of a long standing situation. This will be a sigh of relief because you now know where you stand and how you can proceed further. Do not worry and trust that this upheaval, whether pleasant or painful, is needed in order for you to grow in your life path and lead you towards a better tomorrow. You’ve learnt a valuable lesson, which will be useful in the future.


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