Card of the day for 17th March, 2015

The Devil


The Sharman-Caselli Tarot deck

Today’s message is asking us to ponder upon our fears, blockages and face our shadow side, that we generally ignore. Repressed emotions are blocking your chances of living a happier life. What are you holding onto that is stopping you from experiencing freedom and happiness? Have you given away your reigns to someone else? Face your fears! Someone or possibly an emotion maybe creating fearful situation around you. It may seem difficult to let go and be free. But you have to remember that only you are in control of yourself and only you own your power. Some form of materialistic news may come your way that, at first glance, makes you happy. But if you read between the dotted lines, you will learn that nothing comes for free and there are much bigger hidden agendas in work. Someone maybe trying to manipulate you into believing and doing things that they want you to. Like it was mentioned earlier, OWN YOU POWER!


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