Weekly Angel Message for 9th to 15th March, 2015

Hello everyone,

I am back with another week’s Divine messages from the Angels and this time the Faeries too, for the week of 9th to 15th March, 2015. I am working with the Daily Guidance with the Angels Oracle cards and in addition, also added a message from The Faerie Wisdom Deck from Gillian Kemp. I am in love with these cards as they have a hypnagogic effect on me. So, let’s take a look at what the Angels and the Faeries have in store for us this coming week.


Monday & Tuesday

Law of attraction


The Law of attraction card has shown up many times in the past too and clearly, is a message for us to keep our thoughts positive. I sense that many of us have been dealing with situations which aren’t exactly going as we anticipated. There maybe a multitude of reasons to keep you from feeling cheerful and at your best, but have you ever wondered, if you’re only making it worse by thinking negatively and attracting more of what you don’t desire? We’re not new to the concept law of attraction and the science behind it. As you start your week, make efforts to raise your vibrations and imagine yourself in your desired situation. To help us with the how’s and when’s, we have the Angels and Ascended masters. Put your faith in the universal force and stay at this beautiful place of manifestation, no matter how bizarre it may seem at first. Some of us struggle to stay at this place because our ego and doubts create a fear. Let go of your worries and as you remain in this place of assurance and belief, you will notice a shift in your attitude, which will magically attract good things into your life. Do yourself a favor and politely cut away from people who bring you down and feed negativity into your soul.

Wednesday & Thursday

Giving and Receiving


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we received as much as we gave? The Angels bring your attention to this fair concept by urging you to strike a balance in your life. Some people are so used to giving all the time that they overlook their very own needs and in the end, feel like they have been taken advantage of. While giving is a great act of kindness, it is equally important to allow yourself to receive. Whether it is a relationship, a job or a situation you’re dealing with, pay attention to your needs and do not hesitate to be assertive about what you want. Chances are, you may lose out on opportunities and desired outcomes by staying quiet. Alternatively, if you’re on the other side of the coin, then consider giving for a change. If someone has gone out of their way in your life to give you, then consider showing them your appreciation and love by reciprocating. This isn’t just limited to financial offerings and gifts, but could be as simple as paying a compliment, a thank you or even time spent together. Make Balance your mantra.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

The Ocean


I’ve seen this card turn up during the weekends in the past too. Such an apt time to consider a getaway somewhere close to a water body. Water calms, cleanses and purifies and you will benefit a lot from being in and around water. Some great ideas and realisations can occur to you at this time. Soak your body in the cleansing sea water and let all your worries pass. Let the waves and the ocean beings bring their healing energy your way. Ofcourse, not everyone can visit an ocean or sea keeping in mind, some of us are bound in a land locked city or town. Try taking salt water bath to detoxify your etheric body. For some of you, this is a message to consume lots of water and keep yourself hydrated. And If you hear a calling to be close to the sea, lake or ocean, consider it a sign and pack your bags for some refreshing and relaxing time.


We also have a Faerie message to add to this reading and we’ve got the Boggle Faerie who is here to reiterate the first message of the week – Law of Attraction. prophetic imaginings become real. With so much stress on keeping our thoughts positive, the universe has a message for us. This card is also giving us the message to give importance to our gut instincts. Do not brush off the subtle voice within you, providing you guidance towards an important matter. The Boggle faerie is also indicating an unexpected financial gain or surprise coming your way this week. It is time to reward you for your patience and perseverance.

So my dear friends, look forward to a week where you focus on keeping your thoughts elevated, strike a balance in all your doings, making sure you’re not on the extreme side of the scale and rejuvenate yourself by getting close to water.

I wish you all a beautiful week ahead. Feel free to leave your comments and notes, sharing your experiences.

Love & Light



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