March Taroscopes 2015


This a month of perseverance and overcoming obstacles by relying on your inner strength. The challenges you face may look insurmountable, however, know that you will have to dig in deeper within yourself to gather the courage to deal with tough situations. Outside help is available to you and someone fiery, with a zest for life will play a central role in your life. Follow your passion and do not let hurdles stop you from moving forward. Travel over land is likely. Think exotic locales.

The Angels advise you to release the feeling of guilt and heaviness, heavenwards. Let go of any feelings of anger, disappointment or blame and enjoy the peace within yourself. There maybe arguments based on misunderstandings. Try to avoid one. Nurture your inner child.



Taureans, this month tests your patience. You may be planting an idea, a thought or investing your energies into something that has long term benefits. Be patient and dispense your energy wisely. Keep the trite saying in mind, ”As you sow, so shall you reap”, for how much energy you put into your projects and affairs this month, decides the outcome. It is time to go on a retreat to do some additional research. You may seek isolation from crowd and also feel like tuning off technology for a while. Take time to consider your options and ideas to check if you can improve them. There is a sense of feeling trapped and you may not be getting the full picture due to restricting thoughts and attitude. Think outside the box and explore your options.

The Angels are telling you to be more open and clear about what you wish to attract in your life. The law of free will prevents your spirit guides and guardian angels from offering you help and support. Ask and you shall receive. Make sure you’re making your needs known to others by being more vocal.


Welcome a fresh start this month. Go ahead and take the risk. Follow your path without worrying too much about the outcome. Pushing yourself out of the comfort zone is getting half the job done. Some of you maybe starting off with a new hobby, project, relationship or a fresh start in life. While making a new start brings excitement and thrill, you’re weakness is represented by a worrying mind. Too many cooks spoil the broth and too many scattered thoughts will confuse and confound. Negative emotions and overthinking is likely to keep you up all night, so stop worrying and start living. Don’t let your fear-based thoughts get the best of you.
The Angels are asking you to focus on eliminating stuff from your past that is no longer serving any purpose in your life. What is it that you need to let go of? Keep the lessons and love with you and release the rest of it and unburden yourself. Keep your expectations positive in your new endeavors.



Cancerians, big movement is indicated this month. This could be a move to a different place or moving away from a situation that no longer serves you into something new. Set your eye on the prize and move forward. Make a list of your goals and long term plans this month and stay focused on your path. Don’t look back on what you have left. Your challenge is that you may find yourself confused about making choices and are likely to procrastinate by putting the decision-making on the back burner. You may feel you dont have all the information needed to proceed but if you look closely, the answers are available.
The Angels are telling you that it is safe to move forward with your plans. Something is not working out and the time has come to leave this situation behind and look out for new avenues in your life. Don’t be intimidated with the endings that you experience as they are only leading you towards new and better beginnings.


Magnimous Leonines have new proposals and opportunities coming their way in March. An idea, offering, inspiration, friendship is highighted and you will be busy learning and mastering this new found element. This is also a month of learning for Leo, so make the most out of the training programs you undergo. You are still an apprentice or fresh to learing something new, but as time progresses, you gain more experience and knowledge. It is also important to tune off from any distraction and focussing on research. You may isolated and out of touch in your approach towards work, but know that this is only going to bring more illumination and wisdom that will help you along the journey. celebrations and events are on the cards.

The Angels are giving you the heads up on following your inspiration and go after what you believe. You are headed on the right track and they ask that you don’t lose focus from your goals. Keep moving forward and trust that all is working out well. Go for it !



Virgoans, you may find yourself in a tough spot, losing hope and feeling helpless. Times might be tough, making you wonder, whether there is ever going to be an end to some of the difficult situations you are facing. Financial situation looks tight. Good news is, help is available to get you past this tough time. Are you open to receing it, is the question you need to ask. Watch our for injuries and minor accidents by taking extra caution. It is important to note that your problems are coming to end and you are entering a succesful phase that brings abundance in unimagined ways. It might be a slow process, but trust that you will be bidding adieu to the hard times soon. A mature and loving person may come to your rescue. Pregnancy is also highlighted.

The Angels advise to quieten your mind and listen to the guidance you receive from your higher self. The ideas and guidance you are receiving internally, are divinely directed and showing you a way towards improvement. Trust your intuition. Avoid noisy environment.



Scorpios, you will be dealing with situations that excercise your logical mind and push you towards making some impactful decisions. Intellectual conversations, explorations, discovery and debate are also a theme you will closely associate with. Your interactions will be clear cut, precise with no room for tomfoolery with your attitude. People may come to you with their problems, asking for a more objective advise. Some of you will be starting a new chaper in life. Leaving the familiar behind, you may wonder if this new risk is worth it. Whether it is a job, a new approach or outlook, a new partner or even a journey in your life, the universe is propelling you to jump into the unknown. A new phase of life is welcoming you with open arms.

The Angels are asking that you pay attention to the new people who are coming into your life at this time. A chance meeting with someone is not just a co-incidence. You may end up meeting someone who instantly puts you in the comfort zone and turns out to be an answer to a prayer. Look out for new business partners, friends, lovers, pets etc waltzing into you life out of nowhere.



The Archers can expect the birth of a new plan this month. A wonderful opportunity lands in your life, bringing stability and prosperity with it. Look out for new job/career option, a stable relationship or a potentially rewarding idea. Take stock of your goals and ambition, for what you plan now will bring long term results. For some of you, the waiting period is over. It is time to reap the rewards of a job well done. Worries can plague your mind and give you unnecessary tension. You cannot control the outcome of every situation in your life and it is sometimes best to let go and let God. A financial windfall can brighten up your mood.

The Angels are asking you to release and surrender. What is it that you’ve been holding to tightly? What worries are causing you stress? is there something from your past you’re clinging onto, that is no longer serving any positive purpose in your life? They ask that you release these fears and worries to heaven and let God and your angels take care of them for you. You also have a special message concerning your relationships. You’re heading in the right direction with a partner. Heal any troubled relationship and make sure, you have enough love to give to yourself first, before you share it with others.



This is a month of realising your dreams and goals. Universe is sending you a sign and asking you to breathe positivity into your life. Unexpected events come as blessing into your life. This is an excellent time to make some long term goals and trust that you will be provided for. Follow your dreams. Put the wheels in motions. Patience will pay off and if you’re getting tired of the wait, the angels send you reassurance to stick to your path a little more longer, as the rewards are worth the wait. Review and re-design if necessary. Don’t be discouraged with the setbacks your experiencing.

The Angels send you the message of assertiveness. There maybe times when you feel that someone or a situation is taking advantage of you being too nice. Step up and learn to say NO politely. You don’t have to follow the masses if you’re heart’s dancing to a different tune. Take control of your life and stick to your beliefs.



Sensuality, comfort, abundance and fertility are some of the themes Aquarians can resonate with this month. You enjoy the safety of a beautiful life you’ve worked really hard to create. Speaking of creating, your creativity is heightened and this is a great time to give your ideas form and structure. You will also come across a new opportunity that will take you on the learning path again. You could be undertaking a new course, job, hobby or learning a new art. Whatever it is that catches your attention, with a focused approach, you can benefit with the outcome immensely in future. So, push yourself out of the comfort zone and get prepared to take up a new learning in life.

The Angels say that you are likely to work closely with children this month. Whether it is your own child, children in general or your inner child, take some time out in the company of the innocent one’s. If you’re thinking adoption, the angels are giving you the permission slip. Nurture your inner child by pampering yourself and paying attention to your needs.



Pisceans experience emotional fulfillment and good times in March. Your family life is highlighted, bringing your spouse, partner, parents and any close associates into the picture. There is a sense of contentment that flows from the support of sharing and nurturing that comes from your near and dear one’s. You will also find yourself busy and on your toes with celebrations, gatherings, parties and social invites. Emotionally, you feel safe and content with the people in your life. There is joy and happiness. A very fulfilling month with good news in the air.

The Angels are asking you to act on your inspirations and ideas as the timing is perfect to move forward. If you’ve been hesitating with making a decision, they assure you to act now as all doors are open for you. Your relationships are highlighted and it is best to put the past behing, heal old wounds and make peace with the people in your life. Simultaneously, experience the dawn of a positive phase in your personal relationships.


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