Weekly Angel reading for 2nd to 8th March, 2015

Hello dear friends from around the world! If you’ve bumped into this post, then pay attention to the message we have from the Divine and the Archangels for the coming week (2nd to 8th March, 2015). This week, I am using Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot deck.

Monday & Tuesday 2 of Earth


This card to me brings to mind a juggling act. The starting of the week already gets busy with two or more things on your plate to deal with. Financially, you may be struggling to keep things under control. Your energy is scattered. Try to introduce balance in all that you do. Carefully weigh the pro’s and con’s of a situation before you make up your mind, especially where money is concerned. It is advisable to avoid the temptation to splurge and use your resources wisely.

Wednesday & Thursday Ace of Fire


With the fiery energy making its way towards the middle of the week, there is some respite from all the juggling you did in the first two days. A new opportunity, idea, new source of earning income or simply a creative thought appears out of nowhere. You may be inspired to make a fresh start and follow-up on this idea. Make sure you don’t ignore this beautiful creative beginning. You may not know where this is going, but it is worth pursuing this opportunity, keeping in mind the potential it has to manifest itself. For some of you, this could mean the ignition of a new-found passion. Attraction develops and sparks fly.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday  Seven of Earth


You have planted the seeds, now it is time to be patient and watch your efforts bear fruit. Don’t be scared, wondering how your plans and desires will manifest. Be in the here and now, pay attention to what is required of you at this time and accept the delays. Some of you will receive good news after a long wait and watch your efforts pay off, finally. It is also a good time to plan on investments. It will help to make careful observations before you take any drastic steps. You may want to review your plans and re-check if you’re missing out on something.

Overall, this is a week of finding your ground, striking balance, acting on the ideas you receive, accepting help that comes to you and being patient while you wait for the results.

Have a blessed week everyone!

Love and Light


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