Valentine special – Weekly Angel reading for 9th to 15th February, 2015

A warm and lovely hello to each and everyone,

I am so excited to post the Angel reading for this week for two prominent reasons. First, It’s Valentine’s week where we celebrate the joy of being in love, not necessarily with a partner, but with our loved one’s, our life, our surroundings and most importantly, ourselves. Second, like I always do, I prayed over the cards asking God to give us a special message for each and every one of you reading this post and boy oh boy! I was speechless looking at the cards that have appeared, with the time at 4:40 am on my phone watch when I casually glanced at it to capture the image, assuring me of the Angelic presence. We’re working with Archangel Michael, Archangel Haniel and Archangel Gabriel this week for the reading and divine guidance from God, the creator, the universe, the collective conscious (however you may want to address). This week I’m working with the Daily Guidance from your Angels Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue.

Monday & Tuesday – Release and Surrender


What a great way to start the week! The message, as you can tell, is to open your arms and let go of all the challenges that you are holding tightly. It is time to surrender all your worries to the divine. Let go and Let God! Feeling stressed about something? Or, are you tired of trying on your own to resolve a tricky situation? Dear one’s, the angels are here to assist you. Even if you don’t believe in Angels, believe in the power that is pure source of divine energy to take care of your problems. For some of you, these two days could mark the end of a phase, situation or something that has served it’s time. If you’re caught up in a vicious circle of toxic thoughts or disappointed over something that didn’t work out the way you’d hope for, here’s your message to let go. It’s actually miraculous to see how your life steer in a different direction when you decide to stop worrying yourself sick over things that are not in control and involve God in your plans.

To say ‘I love you’, one must first be able to say the ‘I’ – Ayn Rand

Wednesday & Thursday – Listen


We are now guided to simply listen. Listen to your thoughts, your intuition, your inner voice trying to get a message across to you. Today, most of us lead a busy life where practicality is given more importance over intuition. We have blanketed our psychic abilities with the conditioning of the world. But if you take a moment of quiet time for yourself, you will be able to connect to your inner being and soon learn the abundance of wisdom and answers you have always had, but never listened. Take some time out to reflect. It is important to be receptive, as your angels have an important message for you which can come in the form of a nudge, a voice in the back of your head, signs, numbers or even a good friend telling you something out of the blue, which might just perfectly fit in with what you’ve been thinking of. Meditation is an excellent way too. Some of you may also receive an epiphany on what you have to do next or how to tackle a situation you’re in. So, remember to just listen !

We are all a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutual weirdness and call it love – Dr. Seuss

Friday, Saturday & Sunday – Play


I love the message for the weekend. With valentine’s day around the corner, I think we have a perfect card here. The Angels are encouraging you to take a break from your hectic schedules and get into PLAY mode. If you’re hooked, come up with fresh ideas to introduce some fun into your relationships. Think of creative ideas to bring a smile on your partner’s face. The little cherub girl in the card reminds me of the innocence of our childhood where simple pleasures brought us insurmountable happiness. What is your favorite memory of your childhood that brought you extreme joy? Re-visit those activities and simple pleasures of life. It may also be possible that you’re caught up in a demanding job, depressed over things, irritated and frustrated about the situations in everyday life making your life devoid of playfulness and fun. As i mentioned, it is not necessary to have a partner to relish these happy moments. Joy can be found with friends, catching up over a cup of coffee or watching a movie. perhaps, a getaway can infuse a renewed perspective and charge you up for the coming week. Whatever floats your boat! So, go out there and do something that makes you happy. All you single ladies! Time to pamper your senses whether its retail therapy or rejuvenation at a spa.

When you fish for love, bait with your heart, not your brain – Mark twain

Finally, I pulled a last card asking for a message this Valentine and Voilà – See only Love.


This makes so much sense and fits right in with the message of valentines. Apart from the usual connotations of being in love romantically, here’s a message from the divine asking you to see the world through the eyes of love. Sure, it’s not always easy to do that and if there are any areas of challenge or someone you’re finding hard to forgive and be compassionate towards, ask the angels to help you. By opening your heart to love, you will diminish the hatred and darkness within you. This entwines well with the message to release and surrender, so that you can get ready to attract what you want and not what you fear. Be gentle with yourself and remember to always start from a place of self-love.

Love sought is good, but given unsought is better – William Shakespeare

have a Happy Valentines day everyone and thank you for your support. Lots of love and light.



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