Weekly Divine Angel messages for 2nd to 8th February

Greetings everyone,

I hope you all had a pleasant last week. This week, I continue to work with Doreen and Radleigh’s Angel Tarot deck, because this deck is magical. I wasn’t sure if I was going to work with this one a 100% but ever since I got it, there has been no looking back. The readings are very accurate and positive. Like each week, I prayed over these cards asking God and the Archangels to send us divine messages for this week. Here’s the reading:

Monday & Tueday – Knight of Air


This knight brings sudden news and events along with him. There is no time for procrastination when he appears and so, you may find yourself caught off-guard at the start of the week with abrupt news. If events in your life have taken a standstill, you will see movements and changes. Delays will come to an end. Some of you may even start a new journey with passion. You are asked to incorporate logic in your decisions. Emotions may cloud your judgement. If you are embarking on a new project, it is very important stay focused as the energy of this card can throw you off-course if careful planning is not in place. You may also meet a sharp and intellectual individual who will bring some news to you. The flip side of this energy is that decisions can be made at impulse, overlooking the finer details. Make sure you have all information available at your disposal before you jump into any conclusions.

In one line – Sudden events and quick changes are coming your way. 

Wednesday and Thursday – Five of Water


You may face some kind of disappointment, which can make your world a little sad and gloomy. You could be crying over spilled milk and stuck up on something, that didn’t turn out the way you expected. But the message of this energy reminds you to pay attention to what remains and what you can do in the here and now. It is natural to mourn over what we lose, but don’t be too caught up on what is lost. Look around and you will find that there is still a lot that can be saved or banked upon. This energy also reminds us that it is now time to move on. Perhaps, you’ve spent too much time on things which are no longer there in your life. It is now time to look ahead. You maybe missing out on some wonderful potential opportunities if you don’t. So, look for the positive in the situations and don’t get caught up on the negative.

In one line – Value what you have today and not what you lost yesterday. 

Friday, Saturday & Sunday – Unity 


Unity card brings to us a dual message. You are advised to value traditional view points during this time. It is good to stick to tried and tested methods than take the off-beat path. If you’ve failed to make it happen your way, you can always come back to the familiar path. Well established organisations, spiritual groups and conventional communities play an important role. Some of you may join in celebrating commitments in your personal relationships. This energy also brings good news for folks looking for matrimonial bliss. Simultaneously, if sticking to conventional beliefs is not helping you when you have creative, new ideas flowing through your subconscious, go with your heart. Someone has to think outside the box! A very favorable energy to think of education, learning and further advancement of self by expanding your knowledge. Some of you may meet a mentor or guru who will help you see things through and bring more clarity.

In one line – Seek advise if you are unable to find enough clarity about a situation. 


This doesn’t happen often but we have an additional message this week and it is the Queen of Fire who jumped out of the deck during shuffling. This queen is here to boost your confidence and ask you to believe in yourself and go with your plans. If not now, then never. If you’ve had self-doubts and fear-based thoughts, she is here to remind you of your strengths. You have all the elements to success and if you do not express yourself NOW, then you may have regrets later (as shown by the five of water card earlier). Go for it! This could also be a very passionate person, entering your life to show you that you care capable of a lot more than you imagine.

I hope these message bring divine love and positive energy into your life. I wish you all a very happy start to the coming week. Until next week!

Love, light and Blessed Be



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