February Taroscopes 2015

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to another exciting month of Taroscopes. We’re already in the 2nd month of the New year and time seems to be flying by pretty quickly. We’re still under Mercury Retrograde till 11th February. What are your experiences to share? Are you experiencing the difficult side of it by struggling with your devices and decisions, or, are you taking this time out to RE-visit everything?

Let’s take a look at the zodiacs for this month and what the cards indicate. Remember, there is always some positive you can take from these predictions and this is a general reading and may or may not apply to a majority of you. Know that the energy influence is always present, but it is totally up to us, on how we channel it and what we make out of it. Ready? let’s go!



February brings delays to an end. A long-standing wish comes true. Keep your thoughts positive as your thoughts are manifesting quickly. This month the angels bring you a special message of ‘wish fulfillment’. Sudden events and news will come out of nowhere, which will create a busy atmosphere. Your message is to act on the opportunities that present to you, as you risk losing possibilities if you take too long. Passion and inspiration fills your life. Don’t be afraid to act on your impulses. Some of you may have to embark upon an unexpected travel. In personal life, some of you may have a tough decision to make. Stop procrastinating and start researching. This is a time for action and making the right choices, based on the truth and not what appears on the surface. Be aware of the hidden motives of people. Career wise, some of you may feel stuck and maybe longing for a change. Change won’t come if you stick to the same tried and tested methods. You are advised to change your perspective. Take the offbeat road vs the familiar route. Health looks good and some of you will feel like you’ve tapped into the youthful energies this month and reconnect with your inner child.


This month pay special attention to your thoughts and ideas. Your challenge is to make objective decisions. Use logic in all your dealings. Like Aries, you’re also asked to beware of other’s motives. This is a time for you to get selfish and put your needs first, for if you don’t, someone else will put you down. I sense a lot of unhealthy competition in your surroundings, where people involved will go to any extent to win. It is best to leave emotions on the shelf sometimes when making decisions. Personal life looks stable and your needs will be met. Either you or your partner will try to be dominating. You may have to deal with a stubborn individual. Some of you may find yourselves involved in plans of securing the future of you and your loved one’s. Carefully review what kind of insurance policies will work best. Some of you maybe starting off with a new project this month that requires plenty of research and training. You have the skills Taureans. As you aim for mastery, make sure you have all information available on a topic close to your heart. Studies will keep you busy. This may include going back to school, enrolling in a new course or taking up lessons on a new hobby. You are asked to review your health and pay attention to your physical body and what you consume. Think ‘Chakra cleansing and balancing’. Balance is your keyword for health.


You are on the right path Gemini. Your recent plans are leading you towards abundance and the angels encourage you to proceed further with confidence. This month, you will witness a sudden changes and good news coming your way. Things are moving at a fast pace. Some of you will hear supporting news related to a new endeavor. You are asked to strike a balance in your personal life. Are you so busy sorting other priorities in life that your personal relationships are taking a hit? Or, are you unable to manage your priorities because your head is stuck in the cloud? It is important this month that you maintain the equilibrium in your personal lives. Work wise, you have all the ingredients to become a leader and you are advised to focus on your vision. The business plans you currently have are excellent and with the beautiful energy of abundance this month, you are asked to stay confident in your abilities and proceed further. Strike the iron when it’s hot. Alternatively, some of you may receive help from a prominent and creative person where work and finances are concerned. February for health shows an end of challenging times and start of a new phase. If some of you are going through a tough phase, this month marks the end of health concerns. Stay positive and you will attract healing and positivity into your life.


An eventful month for cancerians. Practice patience this month cancerians as you are about to enter a very fruitful phase. It is best to not make any impulsive moves as a lot of secrets will be revealed in time. Being a water sign and under the influence of the Moon, your intuitive skills are heightened. Give special attention to your intuition and inner voice this month. Any stuck situation will move forward without much efforts, at the right time. Some of you cancerians will be smitten by the love bug this month. Falling in love and wedding proposals are indicated. A charming, emotional and sensitive person may enter your life, or you may develop the hots for someone. Social gatherings will keep you busy and you will find that many are naturally drawn to your sweetness. Your work and career requires some added skills and many of you will be busy advancing your skill sets. Training programs and learning is in the air. Grasp all the knowledge you can about a topic you are closely working with, as this will come handy in future. You need to do some additional research before proceeding further in terms of work and finances. You are blessed with good health this month. Celebrations, parties, get togethers will keep you busy. So will some romance.


Something is nearing completion this month Leo. This could be a project seeing a successful completion or an end of a cycle making way for the start of something new. There is joy and contentment in the air. You are moving to the next level in your career or personal lives. Promotions or new avenues open up for many of you. Some of you may have the opportunity to travel to a different country or a city. Overall, this is a great month that foretells success and the start of something new, after feeling that you have finally arrived. Romance is rising in the air and emotional happiness comes your way through news, letters or even a new romantic partner. You are likely to get many invitations for social gatherings and parties. This month, lions wear their heart on their sleeve and are not afraid to show their emotions. Career brings good news and many of you will discover a new road map. As new doors open for you, you will feel a sense of being on the right path. An important decision needs to be made and you are advised to follow your passion. Worries may affect your health this month so take caution to see that you are not giving yourself undue amount of stress. Patience is the key to good health and adopting a stress-free lifestyle.


Virgo, your main theme this month is to stand up for your beliefs and do the right thing. Situations will call for you to be fair and just in your dealings. Follow the right path. A good month to see any legal issues coming to resolve in your favor. You are also advised to review any legal contracts before singing. This month has a very karmic undertone to it and you can be rest assured that justice will come to you in whatever situations you find yourself in. In personal life, someone may try to push you down or act selfishly. carefully review your options. Don’t trust blindly as there are hidden motives under the surface. There is a tendency to hurt or get hurt with words. Your advise is to also, learn from the experiences you go through this month. Important news and messages come to you at work. There may be temporary delays. Communication will play a very important role, so be sure to let others know of your expectations. Health brings good news. The energy of conception is very strong and some of you will welcome the joy of parenthood.


Librans, you have some battles to fight this month before you taste victory. This month is asking you to concentrate on your inner strength and let your confidence shine. You are capable of achieving so much more than you think and once you believe in yourself, you will realize that success and recognition come to you effortlessly. Marketing and self-promotion will work wonders. In love, you own the power this month. Life seems magical and makes way to the start of something new. Singles may meet someone charismatic, powerful and a good communicator. This month is about taking action and moving forward. It is a good time to put forward your proposals. The energy of taking action also resonates in your work life. Some of you maybe feeling directionless and trapped. Your self-confidence is in need of a boost and when you realize that your limitations are only in your head and not in reality, you will be able to free yourself from any self-defeating bondage. Do not be afraid to take actions. Balance your activities to enjoy a better health this month. Too much of anything is bad and you will need to ensure you are not over-doing any one particular thing, while depriving yourself of something else. Worry maybe on your mind and the Angels advise you to let go of fear based, worrisome thoughts to enjoy a peaceful month.


This is a month of taking charge of your life and moving forward. Very important to stay focused towards your goals as you have all elements to contribute to your success. With self-discipline, focus and willpower, you can achieve great things. Some of you maybe journeying to foreign lands for work or an important task. Some of you maybe motivated to follow your dreams. Whatever the case, remember, focus is your keyword for success. A good month to purchase vehicles, after the 11th of february. Friends or associates might visit from far-flung places. In personal life, there is so much joy and contentment. You experience a feeling of completion with your loved one’s and may also meet your soul mate, who lights up your world. This individual could possibly be someone living in a completely different environment from you. Perhaps, even a different country. Some of you will be nearing the completion of one phase in your personal life, ready to start a new phase, for eg. Parenthood, Marriage etc Your work presents many opportunities in front of you and you may even feel a little confused when it comes to choosing which option to go with. Your advise is to review every choice thoroughly. Make sure you have done your research before making any changes or going with something new. Also, there is a need to stop speculating and move forward. Do not ignore your health if you sense anything unusual with your body and seek professional help.


Saggittarius, you have some great energy at your expenditure this month. Not only are you motivated to go after your dreams, but you also inspire others to move ahead with confidence. It is important that you stay focused towards your goals this month and not get distracted by trivial things. There might be financial concerns or worries related to security. However, know that you have the help of ascended masters like Buddha, Jesus etc around you and with divine help, you can get back on track. In personal lives, some of you maybe afraid to take the next step because of past experiences. You have created this wall around you, that makes it difficult for anyone to pass through. Your advise is to let down your defenses and fight for what you believe in. Don’t let past experiences muddy up your courage to pursue things in your present. Simultaneously, do not let anyone jeopardize what you have worked really hard to create. Not a great month to take risks with your finances. There maybe a feeling of lack in your environment. This could be something like not knowing which way you are headed and if you’ll ever find more meaning in what you’re doing. Every problem has a solution and you Saggittarians are lucky to find help in the nick of time. Don’t forget to accept it. Not a good time to consider taking up self-employment. Make careful plans before you risk security. Health looks good for Saggittarians and especially that of your loved one’s. If you’ve had a loved one go through a difficult health situation lately, this month will brings happy news. .


This is a pretty strong month for you guys and you will end up experiencing a whole different perspective of viewing life. There may be moments where you feel certain situations or aspects of your life seem to be stuck in a limbo. Be patient as you see all conflicts and issues resolve for your highest good. It is very important for you to stop trying to ‘fit in’ and simply show the world who you are. Let your true self shine. You may come across as a bit eccentric with your attitude to others. It is important that you celebrate your uniqueness and go with your visions and ideas, no matter how quirky they seem. Good times await in your personal life this month. You could feel a sense of deep bonding with someone and are advised to infuse positive thoughts and make positive long-term plans. Angels assure you that you are on the right path. Happy times bring joy in your romantic and personal life. At work, you will witness the end of a phase and the beginning of a new start. This could mean numerous things including the end of a boring role and the beginning of a new and exciting position. Or even a career change, where you leave a particular line of work behind to embrace something you always wanted to pursue. Be patient during this transitioning phase and trust that everything will work out well in the end. You enjoy good health this month. But take caution when it comes to overindulgence of any kind.


Many Aquarians can sense a major shift in energy taking place this month. This energy is transformational and cuts away anything that is no longer needed in your life, making way for new gifts to come in. Your advise is to release all the outdated ideas, ways and also people who may be toxic to your well-being. Don’t be afraid to move on, as you have learnt all that you could in one area and your visionary and progressive mind is now in search of something new. Your personal life reflects this energy and brings new starts and exciting opportunities. This could even be a trip to some place new or a new endeavor. A young, energetic person may have some news for you. Passion is in the air. At work, there is a need to come to terms with something that you’ve been avoiding for a while. This could be an important decision or calling truce with a colleague or individual at work. Some of you may feel unable to make decisions or simply overlook matters that need your attention. If you drop your ego and look for alternatives, many solutions can be found to resolve any present conflict. Your health is more focused on mustering your inner strength to deal with the challenges that are presented to you this month. Some of you maybe taking care of an ill friend or a loved one. Your compassionate nature brings happiness and inspiration to others and gives them the strength to recuperate soon.


Major changes are in the horizon for Pisces and they bring positivity with them. An end to a difficult phase is indicated and situations that were previously stuck, now start moving forward. Unexpected financial help may come your way. This is a good month for luck and destiny bringing you fame and fortune. There are a lot of changes and sudden events occurring in your personal life. Someone new may waltz in and you are advised to take your time with the people you meet and not just go with the flow, as this individual may disappear as soon as he/she appeared. If your personal life has seem a bit dull lately, get prepared for some fast paced changes and movements. Make logical decisions and choices in your personal life this month, instead of letting your emotions rule. Being a water sign, you are sensitive in nature and can pick up a lot of information intuitively. You will know when something seems fishy, fishes. Work – Some of you may have been in the waiting room for long now and must be hoping to see the results. February brings good news your way. Your efforts from past will be rewarded. If you are starting something new in your career, your advise this month is to carefully look after your plans as they are in the baby stages and need a lot of tending and caring. Worries maybe clouding some of your mind and your advise is to relax and let things unfold at the right time. Don’t be startled with the sudden pause in your plans. You are advised to pay attention to your health this month and seek professional counsel should you encounter something unusual with your health. Do not play the guessing game and make sure you see a doctor, no matter how trivial something may seem. A health check up would do you good!

Happy February !



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