Mystical message for 28th January, 2015

Blast from the Past! That is the phrase I would like to coin for today’s card, the six of water. Your past plays a significant role today. Someone you used to know may resurface in your life. This could be a friend, relative or even a romantic partner. Clearly, this person will have an important role to play in your future. News related to children and pregnancy is another indication. Some of you may have your head stuck in the past, blocking your vision for the future. It is important to not dwell in what is lost and look ahead. Take a reality check to ensure your emotions are not getting the best of you.


Who doesn’t like receiving gifts? Today, you might be the lucky recipient of donations, favors, assistance, money etc If you’re looking for advice, then turn to your past to find the answers. Think of a time when you had to tackle a similar situation. Go back to the old lessons. If your engine needs some oiling of confidence, then it is good to look back and reflect on your achievements, for that is where you will find your motivation.

Have a blessed day everyone!



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