Mystical Message for 27th January, 2015

Today’s message comes from our lovely, compassionate, loving and understanding King of Water. This a great day to open your heart, spread love and be more generous. Emotional happiness is your keyword. You may find yourself in an altruistic bent of mind or meet someone who bestows love and affection on you. Look out for an individual who is not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve. This individual has seen much in life and now embodies maturity and willingness to commit to a deed. You could meet someone with these traits or may feel yourself portraying these characteristics. This is a trustworthy person. If you’ve held onto your emotions tightly for a while now, this card is urging you to let your feelings flow. Express and don’t just impress.


Also an excellent day to engage in charitable work. For it is in giving that we receive. You might even be the recipient of someone’s generosity.  You may focus on art, music, writing, poetry or other creative topics. Experience warmth, love and nurturing today in your life and surroundings.

Have a blessed day!



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