Mystical Message for 23rd January, 2015

Hello beautiful people,

Are you in the waiting line to finding your better half? Have you been wondering whether your current partner is THE ONE? Today’s message gives you the reassurance that you are on the right path. Wedding bells are in the air. You are likely to meet your life partner today. News related to a wedding will play an important role. Ladies! Your prince charming may pop the big question today. And if he doesn’t and you’re ready, then stop waiting and go ahead with the proposal.


Besides the obvious meaning of marriage, there’s a lot more to this card. It is also speaking of, in the words of Doreen Virtue, a ‘mystical marriage’. This happens when you accept yourself for who you are and  stop hiding your true self from shining. Have you felt awkward, inferior or embarrassed for x, y, z reasons? Some of us still rely on the outside world to validate our existence. We want to be loved and accepted by people in our surrounding. If we fail to feel the acceptance, we hide behind a mask of pretension, living someone else’s life. Some of us even compromise on our true nature to impress a partner. Working towards bettering a negative attitude is one thing and changing the essence of your being for the other person, is another. You are being guided today to accept yourself for who you are. You are attractive to the right partner. Be yourself!

Have a blessed day everyone!

Sonnyaa Siingh


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