Mystical Message for 22nd January, 2015

Greetings Everyone,



Today’s Oracle message from the Fairies and Angels speaks of forgiveness. How often have we not heard about the need to forgive those who have hurt or harmed us? But it’s easier said than done, isn’t it?

Does this mean you forget all the wrongs done to you and pretend nothing happened? I admit I ALWAYS had a problem with this step and hated it. However, there is some misconception associated with this word. It is important to note that forgiving does NOT mean you are forgetting. It simply means that you have taken the most crucial step towards your personal growth by releasing the hurt, resentment, hatred and anger, which is blocking the path between you and your wishes. Today’s message from the fairies and Angels is asking you to think of the people and the situations that need your forgiveness. Yes, we all go through moments in life where we have been WRONGED. Someone disappointed you or perhaps, just turned out to be the wrong person you placed your trust on. But the more you carry this frustration within, the further it will prevent you from lifting your vibrations to a more fruitful life. You will continue to re-live all that which is not required in your life mentally and emotionally.

So go ahead Darlns! Take some time out today to examine your emotions and find out what you’re still holding onto. This could be something from your past or even present. Once you have identified, acknowledge that what had to happen, happened to you and now it is time to move forward and release this pent up energy of hate, resentment, guilt, anger and regret to your angels. Not only will you feel much lighter, but you will also notice that as a result, many closed doors will open up for you, making way for your wishes to come true.

Call upon Archangel Michael to assist with cutting away any negative etheric cords that no longer have a purpose in your life. Archangel Michael will also help you through this transitioning by providing the courage needed towards making this call. Remember, your guardian angels and Archangels are always with you and around you, waiting for that one plea of help. 

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Have a blessed day everyone!

Sonnyaa Siingh



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