Mystical Message for 21st January, 2015

I pulled an oracle card for today from the Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Tarot and we have the Holiday card.

Yay! Who doesn’t love going on a holiday? And yes, clearly, your message today is to take a break and go on a retreat. Especially all of you who’ve been addicted to work-a-holism by choice or by force. You are asked to pay attention to your well being and go on a vacation, a quick getaway or a retreat where you will be undisturbed by technology and all the clutter of everyday life.


For those of you who do not have the luxury of affording a holiday right now, take a day off and relax. Make plans to spend time close to nature, a beach (if you have one close by), a favorite hang out or simply at home. Your body needs this rejuvenation and like the message of the card, you may find answers to questions running on your mind, during this time. Your mind needs some peace and quiet.

Also, if you’re looking for clarity on a subject, then you might as well find it when you are least expecting it. Gift your mind some peace and have a great day ahead!

Love, Light & Blessed Be

Sonnyaa Siingh


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