Birthday Oracle – 13th January

A very Happy Birthday to everyone born on today’s date. 

Your Angel message for 2015 is CHILD


This is a great year for planning your family. If you’ve been thinking of adoption, the Angels give you the green signal and pave the path ahead for situations to work out in your favor. Think of working closely with children this year. 

Your own inner child is in need of nurturing and caring. Have you forgotten the simple pleasures of life? Think back on what brought you joy and happiness as a child and cut yourself some slack. Sometimes our busy and mundane lives can rob the excitement of living. Drop the serious facade and get out and play. 

Tip that you can use Start trusting life more and look at the beauty in everything. You are a divine child of God. Let your prayers, affirmations and/or outlook in life be in tune with what you desire, for your manifestations. 

Famous people who share your birthday: 

Orlando Bloom (Actor)
Patrick Dempsey (Actor)
Marco Pantani (Italian Cyclist)
Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Actress)
Richard Woodley, NFL cornerback (Detroit Lions)
Mike Whitlow,( English footballer)
Imran Khan (Indian Actor)

Blessed Be

Sonnyaa Siingh


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