Weekly Tarot Angel messages for 12th to 18th January, 2015

Hello all you beautiful people! 

I hope last week was good and that all of you had some take away from last week’s Tarot Angel messages. Do share your experiences, as I would love to hear from you. 

This week, I have pulled out 3 cards from Tarot and 3 cards from Doreen Virtue’s ‘Daily Guidance from your Angels Oracle Cards’. This deck has beautiful artwork and if you love working with the Angels, you will love the descriptive messages that come on this card. Love you Doreen !


For the starting of the week, we have the Devil and the Angels! Materialistic needs are on your mind and there is a sense of feeling trapped. Watch out for drama at work and try to avoid any disagreements. Power struggles can cause discord. Look out for relationships based on lust and not love. Love may seem lost, placing more importance on the physical and tangible aspects. Are you stuck with someone or something that makes you feel chained? It’s time to break the bondage. Some of you maybe getting too indulgent in activities that bring pleasure of the senses. This is a good time to consider overcoming your addictions.


The Angels bring you a beautiful message to involve yourself in a creative project. Identify what activities bring you joy and spend some time engaging in them. Make time for things that let your creative juices flow. Pay attention to your intuition which maybe showing you ways to bring your creativity to light. Whether this is related to arts and crafts, hobbies, a part time job, even an idea at work that holds the potential to go a long way, do not ignore the subtle nudges.


The Mid-week brings us Death card with the Angel card ‘Release and surrender’. Death, 90 % of the time does not speak of a physical death but more of a mental one. If you decided to break some of those powerful chains of the Devil, you indeed made the right move and now, you are all set to start things anew. These changes have a deep impact on your life and are much needed for your growth. Often, inner transformation takes place with such changes. Don’t be afraid of the shift in tide. Look at the bright side! It’s over! Many of you will see the end of a difficult situation and a new dawn in your life. The wonderful Angels bring you so much hope with the message of Release and Surrender. Yes, release your worries, release your challenges. Let go and Let God! When you decide to let go, you are letting God take over and the Angels will help make this transition smoother. If you’re single-handedly dealing with a situation from a long time, be willing to ask for help. 


The latter part of the week brings you a sense of relaxation with the 9 of pentacles card and the Angel message, Ocean. This is the time for you to rejuvenate and give yourself a pat on the back for all the courage, hardwork and challenges you have overcome. It makes sense to see this message towards the end of the week, when weekend approaches. Take sometime out for yourself. Close to nature is where you find your mojo rising. The Angels have a suggestion for you – The Ocean. From beaches to lakes to going fishing to kayaking (for the one’s who can afford to take the time), being close to water body and/or bathing in sea salt water will cleanse away all your worries, giving you a fresh perspective and recharge your batteries.

I hope this message helps everyone and you take away the positives that help and heal your life. Please feel free to leave your comments and have a blessed week ahead!

Love, Light and Blessed be

Sonnyaa Siingh


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