Tarot tells Today – Monday, 12th January, 2015


Today’s energy is represented by the High Priestess and the Entrepreneur card. This is not the day for taking actions. Instead, pay attention to your inner voice, which is trying to tell you something. That voice in the back of your head can never go wrong, and it is advisable to keep an open mind in letting your inner guidance take the driver’s seat today. You’re intuition will guide you towards the right path. 

There is an air of secretiveness around you. Avoid making important decisions, signing critical deals, engaging in any get-rich-quick-schemes or taking suspicious risks, if you don’t have all the necessary information available. When in doubt, postpone until further notice. A good day to engage in esoteric pursuits. 

The good ol’ Angels bring us the Entrepreneur card, encouraging all you folks out there suited for self-employment, to consider taking the first step. If you’ve known deep down that you are capable of running your own empire, then what are you waiting for? Gather all the ingredients to whip up a delicious business. This does not mean you give up on your job today and start your business with absolutely no blueprint of running it. Start doing the groundwork and slowly ease your way into your business. If you’ve had self-doubts in the past, the angels reassure you of a successful outcome. With HP’s energy, trust yourself and go conquer the world! 

Have a blessed day!



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