TAROT TELLS TODAY -9th January, 2015


After yesterday’s message of leaving unhealthy situations behind, today the knight of swords has made his presence felt again. It is possible that things are changing at a rapid pace in your life. Acting on impulse, quick moves, being subjected to change are some of the themes that may be playing out. Changes are never easy to deal with and not all are pleasant. The advise of the 6 of swords card is to go through this transition phase with faith. Troubled times are nearing an end and although this maybe difficult to acknowledge at the moment, know that better things are in store and not too far away. Carry your experiences and let Universe direct you towards greener pastures.
Overseas travel is likely. Some of you maybe moving to a new city, town or even a state.

The Angels bring us their love and support with the message of healing. You need to completely heal before you start a new chapter, so that you’re not carrying any residues from your past experience. They are more than happy to help you, if only you’re willing to receive their help. You see, all of us have free will and the Angels cannot interfere and help us without our permission. Call upon Archangel Raphael to bring healing into your life. Call upon Archangel Michael to give you the courage to do what is right and cut the cords that bind you to unhealthy situations. Where there is a will, there indeed is a way!

Energy healing sessions will immensely help you.

Here’s a song that sums up the message for today:

Love, Light and Blessed Be

Sonnyaa Siingh


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