TAROT TELLS TODAY – 8th January, 2015


Today’s message is to leave unhealthy situations and move onto better things. Whether it is a secure but mundane job, a relationship that just isn’t working or making changes to your life, that are much needed. Familiarity and comfort brings security, but life is all about exploring. So push yourself out of that comfort zone today and pay attention to your impulses.

Have you been giving too much of yourself to something lately, without giving much thought to your own needs and desires? Here’s a sweet reminder to put your needs on the priority list.

Alternatively, travel is likely to bring good news. Think of ways to make new additions to your business. Do not waste time and act on your ideas now, no matter how uncertain you are about the results. Remember, having the willingness to take that first step is the most crucial decision. Dare to dream and double-dare to follow those dreams.

The Oracle message from the faeries and angels asks that you walk away from any toxic situations today. Oftentimes, we put a roadblock on our path to success by holding onto things that are no longer working for us. Is fear stopping you from moving ahead? Or are your emotions getting the best of you? Has someone been manipulating you for so long now that you don’t know whether to leave or stay? Making a decision to walk away will not only give you a grip on your life but will also open new doors of opportunity.

For all you rock and roll lovers, here’s a song from Led Zeppelin that sums up today’s message.



One comment

  1. Shivashish Sinha

    So today will be the best day to move ahead.. I was thinking of doing that for a long time but then again as you wrote emotions getting the best out of me.. I will try to follow today’s best advice but I am certain that emotions will again get the best out of me and I will have a tarnished arsenal to be in again….


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