TAROT TELLS TODAY – 6th January, 2015

Hello all you beautiful people,

Today’s tarot message comes to us from the 4 of Wands and 5 of Pentacles cards. Faeries and Angels are directing your attention towards improving your diet.

This is a day of celebrations, parties, shopping, purchases and fun. Something is achieved and you don’t mind throwing a party. Good news comes your way, bringing in much joy and security. Although, celebrating your success is very normal and a form of human expression, the cards also warn against over indulgence, leading to money being burnt. You don’t want to be broke at the start of the month. Pay careful attention to your finances and avoid all temptations to splurge. If you don’t have the resources right now, do not make any investments. Watch out for drinking and driving as there are possibilities of minor accidents or injuries.

Some of you may have to leave the comfort of a secured environment and move towards a phase that brings difficulties. Help is available if you look around.


The faeries and angels are directing your attention towards making changes to your diet. Have you been depriving your body of nutritious food? Are you on junk diet way too often than normal? If you’ve been telling yourself or getting thoughts of quitting on a bad habit like smoking, drinking or cutting down on the levels of sugar intake, use the energy today to make positive affirmations and plan your diet. Much improvement will be seen after this change.

Have a blessed day!

Love, light and Blessed Be

Sonnyaa Siingh



  1. Shivashish Sinha

    6 January 2015 went incredibly hectic.. Started with an emergency duty and then carried on with hectic office schedule till late evening…. I have no drinking or smoking issues hence, no commitments…. Now I am waiting for the day when I get the answers….

    Liked by 1 person

    • tarotwithsonnyaa

      I can see where the hectic energy comes from with the 4 of wands. Who likes emergency duties? I think that weaves well with the 5 of pentacles card as well. Thank you for your feedback Shivashish 🙂


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