Here’s a quick look into what your zodiacal signs hold for the month of January, 2015 through the lens named Tarot.



Aries can look forward to partnerships (business and/or personal), engagements, the coming together of two people in love and so on. Healing energy surrounds you and if you have been under the weather, recuperation is on its way. This is also a month where you are guided to admit your true feelings to yourself. If you have ignored your inner voice, you are advised to pay attention to it now. What you’re feeling is true and do not hesitate to trust yourself. Angels and fairies additionally ask you to be assertive by putting your needs first.


imageTaureans, what limitations have you built around yourself? Are you getting all the information you need? This month could be a confusing time and you might not be seeing the complete picture. Your advise is to review your thoughts and let go of any boundaries and self-doubts that are preventing you from doing your best. Break the old cycles and look around if you need solutions. The angels and fairies want to tell you that whatever you’re wishing for is coming true. So pay attention to your thoughts, as you will manifest your desires. So, think positive and be optimistic.


The twins can look forward to expansion and travel this month. You folks finally decide to go with the ideas that came as inspirations in the recent past. The prospects look bright and your investing your energy wisely. This is a good month to move to a new location, shift to a new home or switch careers. If you have been wondering lately, whether to make any big move or not, the fairies and angels give you the green signal.  Leave any unfulfilling situations behind and move ahead.



Cancerians, this is a month of observing and paying attention to your intuition. A lot has been going on under the surface and your emotions run deep. Your advise is to stay put and avoid making any hasty decisions for now. Your gut instincts are trying to tell you something. Listen to it! You are the best advisor for yourself this month. Secrets will be revealed slowly. The fairies and angels ask you to be more open and specific in your requests. Don’t be afraid to pray, affirm or ask the universe for what you want, as your energies are open to receiving. You will manifest that, which you desire, so take care of your thoughts.



The Lions may need some inspiration this month to ignite the fire within. Monotony could seep in and your creativity is at the risk of running dry. Luckily, inspiration is available if you are open and receptive. New offers come your way this month. The fairies advise you to connect with nature. Go outdoors and spend some time breathing in the fresh air. Your inspirations come to you by spending some quality time outdoors and not sitting at your desk or within the confines of a four walled structure. A walk in the park, hiking, trekking or any activity that connects you close to nature, will rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.


Virgoans, there are strong forces at play this month. What’s holding you back? Have you created self-limiting beliefs around you that are keeping you from achieving your full potential? Whatever it is, the key is in your hands. All deadly sins are at play and if you are trying to give up on something, you are reminded to first make the willingness to do so within you. Somebody is trying to control and dominate you for the wrong reasons. Material gains come your way this month. Fairies and Angels ask you to express your individuality. Do not go by what others want/expect out of you. Be yourself and let your true self be shown as you are indeed awesome. Go with your heart!



Librans are full of energy and dynamism this month. You go where your heart leads you and the time is right to act on your inspirations. Travel is in the cards. You bring immense energy to whatever you do and the results are quite visible. Great month to start new projects. You’ve never felt this alive and active in ages. Fairies and Angels say that any old debt is cleared from your life. if you’ve been stuck in a difficult spot financially, you will receive much-needed help. Loans and debts will be paid off, allowing you to start a clean, new chapter. Watch your finances, spending money only on what is needed,  and do not swipe your credit cards frivolously. New opportunities to earn money comes your way.


Scorpios have a busy month ahead and the focus is on learning something new and hard work. You may have just started out on a new job or a project and are given a chance to master new skills. You strive for perfection this month, which comes to you through persistence and practice. New doors to making money open for you. This is a good month for news related to pregnancy. Pay close attention to the ideas you are conceiving this month, because if properly executed, they will reap you plenty of rewards in future. What inspirations are you receiving and what are you going to do about it?



The Archers will gain stability and receive a small financial windfall this month. Set up your goals and draw a map on how you plan to go about achieving them. A new, promising opportunity falls in your lap and your far-sighted vision will show you the potential. Do not rush into any risky investments or hasty decisions. take one step at a time. Keeping your workaholic nature in mind, the Fairies and Angels ask you to connect to nature this month. Spend time outdoors, take a walk in the park, go on an adventure trip or spend some time close to trees and plants, breathing in the fresh air. The solutions to your dilemma come to you during this time and you emerge rejuvenated and all charged up.



Capricorns, your focus this month is on emotional fulfillment and family bonding. Take the time out for your near and dear ones. Marriage maybe on the card. This is a good time to plan a family. Family re-unions are indicated and you will receive much support from your spouse/partner that brings joy and contentment. Have you been asking or wondering WHEN will your desires fully manifest this year? The Fairies and Angels tell you that Autumn is the time where your prayers are answered. Projects and plans that take off this month will bring rewards around the fall season.



Aquarians, this month you will find structure, stability and success. Celebrations are on the cards. Good news comes your way and the Fairies and Angels advise that in order to speed up the process of manifestations, use positive affirmations. By having a positive outlook, you will not only deal with any delays smoothly, but also taste sweet success this month. Engagements maybe on the cards. Go on a weekend trip somewhere close to country side to recharge your batteries.



Pisceans, this is a great month to enjoy the fruits of your labor. There is much you have achieved and now is the time to take stock of everything you have and savor your achievements. Finances look good and if you’re thinking self-employment, this is a great time to give this thought a try. Spend time in your company and give enough credit to yourself for all that you have accomplished so far. All your worries are taken care of and you enjoy a blissful time within the security you have created for yourself. The Angels and Fairies tell you that winter time holds the answer to some important questions you may have at this point. Plan a wintertime holiday. You maybe moving to a cooler location and you are reassured that this move will prove beneficial for you.

Happy January

Love, Light and Blessed Be

Sonnyaa Siingh


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