Weekly Tarot Angel messages for January 5th to January 11th, 2015

Hello everyone,

This week, we will take a look at what the Angel’s oracle message and Tarot cards are telling us about the week ahead and where you can draw your inspiration from.

For the beginning of the week, we have three of wands and Fairy oracle message – Perfect timing. The starting of the week is about making a decision to go with something. The ideas you have contemplated on during the last week, or a decision that was on hold for long can be executed at this time. The fairy message stitches well with the energy of the 3 of wands by reassuring you that this is indeed the perfect time to go with your plans. Go ahead and make a move forward. Travel is indicated. A long awaited good news comes your way.


The mid-week’s energy is about movement that can take place on the physical or mental plane. Again, a very good time for taking up travel, which will bring luck and also, if you’ve been through a difficult phase lately, take comfort that you’re in a transition period and moving towards better things. Ofcourse, for some of you this transition may be difficult to go through, but trust and keep moving forward. The fairy message for mid-week is Children. Working closely with children will bring much joy and renewed faith. Some of you may be ready to welcome a child in your family as well.

Finally, moving towards the end of the week, we have the Queen of wands and fairy message, Affirmations. Isn’t this the most anticipated time in a week for almost all of us? The fiery energy of this queen brings social gatherings, new business ideas and self-confidence to go with your intuition. Enjoy the attention that comes your way and should you have any self-doubts about your capabilities, the fairy message guides you to use positive affirmations to let the universe attract and manifest your desires.

I wish you all a wonderful and blessed week ahead. Let your guardian angels, the Archangels, ascended masters and/or any spiritual deities you believe in, guide you towards what is best for you.

Love, Light and Blessed Be

Sonnyaa Siingh


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