Water bearers – This year gives you lot of mental stimulation, ideas and new beginnings to keep your progressive mind at work. Not many major forces are at play this year except for where your personal life and health is concerned. There are ideas and there is drive. When you combine the both, you produce evolutionary results, which you folks are so famous for.

January to March – Knight of Swords


The first three months are full of action and sudden impulses, that takes you from one place to another. You know what you want and you don’t waste anytime in going after your goals. Perhaps, an unfinished business from last year requires action now. Your impulses may also lead you into arguments and conflict of ideas. Make sure you are not jumping into conclusions in haste. Loved one’s around you may feel an air of cold and distant energy and it is advisable to be gentle in your dealings with the one’s who matter the most. Sustenance is a challenge during this period so think before you make commitments or take on heavy-duty work that requires diligence and patience.

April to June – 7 of Swords


This quarter, you carry all your accumulated knowledge and move into a new path. Your skills are required else where. Movement of residence, towns, cities or simply travel for work is indicated. This is also a period of time when you ask yourself how much honesty is required out of you. Your advise is to carefully lay out your plans by adopting strategic moves. In order to get ahead, you don’t always have to be open about your plans to everyone. Your mantra this season may ring on the lines of – Every man for himself. Not having clearly defined steps may get you in trouble. Take guard of your possessions as theft is likely. This could be theft of ideas or material possessions. Exercise caution, especially in crowded places.

July to September – Queen of Pentacles


After spending all your restless energies and sinking your teeth into several different projects and ideas, you finally experience stability. Whether this is a job offer, financial aid or simply taking a break and being in a position to support yourself, success comes to you this season and you also view the completion of plans that were started out earlier in the year. A practical, caring and nurturing individual may come into your life. If you’re a career-oriented woman, you efficiently manage both house and office, striking the right balance.

October to December – Ace of Wands


Just when you start getting comfortable with the stability that comes from your achievements, a new offer comes your way. This could be an inspiration, a new job offer, a new project or a creative pursuit that catches your attention and off you Aquarians go on yet another exploration. This is a great time for planning a family. Singles – a chance meeting with someone will turn on the sparks and you may end up courting someone, as attraction levels run high.

Career/Finances – Knight of Wands

This is a great year to work towards developing a passion or hobby. You will work on several different projects and money might not be enough but you will be able to take care of your needs. Travel is an important theme this year and work-related travel will keep you busy. The fire in your heart will give you all the energy you require to go after whatever may tickle your fancy.

Health – Empress

Aquarians, this is a great year to experience parenthood. Pregnancy is indicated. Your overall health improves slowly and steadily. If you have been going through any sickness off-late, you will recuperate, although a little slowly. Nourish your body and watch what you eat.

Personal life – Hanged Man

Your creative and career pursuits keep you so occupied that your personal life begs attention this year. Things may seem a bit stuck and unless you adopt a completely fresh perspective of looking at things, your relationships may stagnate. Sacrifices are involved and Aquarians, your best bet is to not try to force any changes, as the energies at play are mighty strong. Sit back, relax and know that you will not be stuck in the limbo for too long. Old ways no longer work and you will need to introduce some novel ideas in your personal dealings.

FAIRY/ANGEL Message – Your Wish is Granted


Wow! The messages from the fairies and angels speaks loud and clear. Aqua folks, this year pay attention to your thoughts, as wishes are granted and you manifest your desires. Negativity could be your biggest enemy and if your thoughts are not in alignment with what you want, you can end up blocking your success. Stay positive, remember to affirm THAT what you want and not what you don’t.

Have a blessed year!


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