Today’s Tarot message comes in the form of The King of pentacles, 9 of swords along with the Fairy message – Patience Please.

Worries and anxieties are surrounding your business and you question the probability. There are fears playing on your mind about losing what you have worked so hard for. It is important to review the nature of your distress and ask yourself if some of these fears are nothing but a mere exaggeration of your imagination? Your thoughts attract your reality, so pay attention to where your energy is being focused today.


There might be delays in news related to finances or business. Perhaps, you are tired of simply waiting on the results. Patience, persistence and faith is needed today. The Fairies message advises you to not worry about this minor lag and take heart that everything will work out at the right time.

Romantically, someone maybe causing much anguish to your heart and your advise is to be patient and not rush into any conclusions as divine work is at play and all will be well in the end.


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