Tarot tells that with the fiery energy of the Queen of wands and page of swords today, much can be achieved where creativity, passion and intuition is concerned. You are full of energy, dynamism and charisma. Make use of this confident energy coupled with the new ideas that come your way. In business, pay attention to ideas that comes from your subordinates.


Mom’s may have a difficult time with their little brats and find it hard to pin them down. Let your children or a younger person of much importance express their individuality.

You may have a young admirer vying for attention and flirtatiousness will fill the air. This individual is good with his/her talks that charm and please you. It is Saturday night and folks who are planning to par-tay, get ready for some intellectual conversations.

Overall, the Queen of wands brings enthusiasm, lots of ideas and exuberance to your day. Kickstart a great weekend ahead!


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