The Archers have a mixed bag year ahead. While the first six months you concentrate on new projects, big movements and changes, the latter half of the year throws in challenges related to decision-making and emotional ups and downs. Positive affirmations help manifest your desires.

January to March – Page of Pentacles


The first three months, your focus is on the start of something new. This could be a new project, new job, some kind of new course or study program or simply a hobby that fetches you material gains. Much has to be accomplished and this is just a start of the journey. A practical bonding maybe formed with a serious-minded individual. Small financial gains are indicated. If you’re planning on starting a new business, this period offers a great start. However, keep in mind, that you have a lot of work to do and much to add to your skill-set. The potential is promising.

April to June – The Chariot

The second quarter brings some influential energy and big changes. You are in control of your life and are determined to achieve your goals. Big movement and changes are indicated. Movement of residence or work, possibly to a different city or country is seen. If you’re planning to buy a new vehicle, this quarter creates the right energy and resources. This is a great time for setting realistic goals as you will be raring to go in the direction of your dreams. Keep your eyes fixated on the prize. Distractions can cause you to steer away from your goals and you hold the key to your achievements.

July to September – 2 of Swords 


The third quarter brings indecision and a feeling of being stuck. A decision has to be made but you are not sure which way to go. Avoid taking a call based on risks. Do your research before investing money, time or your energy. Sometimes, the best decision is to make no decision and wait until you have all information available. Emotions may run deep and this could affect your ability to see things clearly. You may be going through a lot of stress and headaches are common at this time. Strike a balance in all your dealings.

October to December – 5 of Cups 


The last quarter, you may undergo some kind of loss which will cause disappointment. Like the man in the picture above, you may be going through a period of mourning, wondering what could have been done differently. While it is normal to mourn after losses, your advise is to not to get too stuck with what is over and turn your attention towards what can be saved and what remains. The question to ask is, what is still working for you and how you can make things better. If you’re stuck on an element from your past which is no longer serving any purpose, you are asked to heal and move on, as this would prevent you from losing out on new opportunities which await you.

Career/Finances – 4 of Swords 

Career and finances this year seem to be stuck in a limbo. You need to take out the time for yourself, contemplate on ideas and strategies to get where you want to. Nervous exhaustion is a possible cause due to overwork. Take frequent breaks from a hectic work schedule to rejuvenate yourself. Remember, all work and no play, made Jack a dull boy. Financially, this may not be the year to expect windfalls but your needs will be met.

Health – World.

The Archers have a beautiful year ahead health wise. If you have been under the weather for a while now, this year indicates healing. There is a sense of feel-good factor.

Personal life – The Emperor

This is a year of defining personal boundaries. You Archers need to loosen up a little In relationships, there will be a power struggle this year and you certainly don’t want to be the submissive one’s. It is safe to relax and let your emotions show. Don’t put up a mask of apathy, when deep down your emotions are running deep. Being more expressive will work wonders in your relationships.



The Archers will benefit a lot from using positive affirmations this year. To manifest your desires, start eliminating all negative thoughts and replace them with positive beliefs and words that imply that your wishes are granted. Act like you have what you want, speak like you got what you asked for and feel like you own your desires. This will not only help manifest your desire, but will also speed up the process of manifestation.


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