The Mountain goats are reaching the completion phase in several aspects this year. It is the culmination point where desires are manifested, emotional happiness is achieved after a period of isolation, new projects and career moves are made and responsibilities are taken care of.

January to March – The Hermit


With the Hermit’s influence, mountain goats kickstart the year with self-reflection and inner journey. Much emphasis is placed on seeking knowledge and truth and you may go away on hibernation mode. This phase is extremely beneficial for taking up any kind of learning. You lead by example and so, this short period of isolation will bring illumination which you will be more than willing to share with the world. Capricorn, all the hullabaloo of the world must be causing you a lot of distress and you may feel the need to disconnect and detach. Take a short soul vacation and switch off technology for a few days to recharge your batteries. Much insight will be gained by this and you will emerge rejuvenated, ready to take on the world.

April to June – 9 of Cups


This season, wishes come true. There is a feeling of accomplishment and emotional satisfaction. All your hard work pays off. You sit back and look at all that you have achieved, with a smug look on the face. This period bodes well for all kinds of securities and you indulge your senses in whatever floats your boat. Take care to not turn contemptuous and arrogant and be willing to share some of your fill with the world. If you have anticipated the outcome of a situation for long, this season your dreams come true. Celebrate your success, because you have worked hard for it and climbed the pinnacle of another hill with patience and persistence, which you mountain goats are so famous for.

July to September – Page of Pentacles


After pinning down another achievement on the board, you start afresh with a new project, a new job opportunity or simply a new hobby. A small amount of money comes your way. Some of you may take up a learning program, course or go back to school. You have your eyes set on the prize and are advised to come up with a plan to achieve your goals. Remember, although this might be a starting point of something new, the potential looks good and if carefully handled, this season’s efforts will reap you plenty of rewards in the future.

October to December – 10 of Cups


Your emotional bonding with near and dear ones gets deeper. Family re-unions, marriages, happy home and much more emotional bliss is in store for you this year. Your workaholic nature distances you from your close ones and this quarter, you are advised to make time for family and loved ones. This is a great period to make investments related to home and real estate. You may also have an additional member join your family through birth or other affiliations. Celebrate and soak in the joy that comes with spending time in the company of the one’s who make your world go round.

Career/ Finances – The Fool

Capricorn, this is a great year for fresh starts and doing something you have never though of doing before, but always wanted to. Career may take a new direction and you’re adventurous spirit will add plenty of fuel to the fire within. Listen to your heart and follow your intuition when making any important career moves. Take stock of your finances though and avoid any risky investments, if all information is not available and you are unsure of the outcome.

Health – 4 of Cups

Boredom and stagnation is your biggest culprit. Too much of anything is too bad and you are likely to question – what next? While the Hermit’s influence at the start of the year gives you plenty of time to discover what you want, keep your eyes open to new ideas and mental stimulation. Keep a tab on your stress levels. head aches will be frequent.

Personal Life – 10 of Wands

There are plenty of responsibilities to take care of this year where personal life is concerned. You maybe struggling with something for a long time, feeling the need to give up. However, keep in mind that you have indeed come a long way and giving up now will dampen all your efforts. The end is nearing and if you can muster your inner strength, you will reach your personal goals in no time. This too shall pass!



The fairies and angels ask you to pay special attention to the autumn season, as important events occur during this time. The answer to a long-awaited question may come to you and/or projects near completion in the fall season. If you have been contemplating on getting back to school or taking up further education, the fairies and angels ask that you act this year.


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