The sign of the Virgin can expect further education, knowledge expansion and business ventures in 2015. There is so much to soak in and it is a great year for personal development.

January to March – The Hierophant

The first quarter brings the influence of knowledge expansion. Higher studies, courses and any form of learning is indicated during this season. Marriages and commitments are likely. You are encouraged to stick to tried and tested methods and avoid unconventionality and risks. If you need clarity, approach someone who is a master of the domain.

April to June – King of Cups

This quarter, much emotional satisfaction is gained. An emotionally mature individual offers support and love and will be the center of your world. Your engagement in creative pursuits is indicated. Arts and crafts, painting, music or any creative endeavor brings much satisfaction. As advise, this card is asking you to make decisions based on what you feel and what is close to your heart. Follow your heart.

July to September – 9 of Pentacles

All your hard work pays off and you now take some time to relax and rejuvenate. Financial independence is achieved and your needs are taken care of. Entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals find security. Relationships may take a back seat as need for space and solitude is needed. Give yourself some ‘ME’ time this season and indulge in bettering yourself.

October to December – 2 of Cups

This is the period of partnerships and support. Singles find romance. Committed bonds are deepened. Business partnerships are foreseen and if you are looking for support, someone will step up to offer you some. If you have been unwell for sometime, this season brings healing of body, mind and soul. This is a favorable time for engagements.

Career/Finances – Page of pentacles:
This year you start projects from scratch. This could be a new business idea, a new job or even a course of some kind that will help add to your skill set. There is much potential for your business and projects to prosper, but remember, a lot of work needs to be done as things are still in the initial stage.

Health – 3 of wands:
This year, you will see improvement with your health. Any long sickness or ailments are likely to heal. You are also warned against taking your health for granted.

Personal Life – The Hermit
Hermit brings soul-searching and a period of disconnect from the world. Take time to understand what you need in your personal relationships. While you may recognize the need to be detached, take care to see that your loved one’s are not feeling ignored or are kept on wait for too long. Everybody needs their space but as the saying goes, ‘your absence should be long enough for people to miss you; Not so long that people learn to live without you’. Once you are back from hibernation, you will have much to share with the world.


Your fairy/Angel message is to follow through on a business idea. This is a great year to go with self-employment. New career opportunities come your way and you are advised to trust your instincts.


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