Librans, this is an emotionally driven year. What i mean by that is that you will be taking a lot of decisions based on your emotions. You will also witness plenty of new beginnings in both professional and personal spheres of your life.

January to March – Queen of Cups


The energy of the first 3 quarters comes from a place of love, nurturing and emotions. You are deeply in tune with your feelings and follow your heart. Much importance is placed on activities that bring you joy. Some of you maybe experiencing a deep bonding with your mother or a female figure who is trusted and supportive. This quarter, your sense of perception is heightened and you will receive a lot of intuitive nudges, which you are advised to act upon. Pay attention to your dreams. You may find a hobby or pursue interests that are close to your heart and which bring you an inner satisfaction. While being emotional shows you are connected to others, take caution that you don’t become overly sensitive, clingy and emotionally erratic.

April to June – 4 of Cups


While the first three months kept you hooked onto your interests, you may be lacking that same enthusiasm in the second quarter. There is a sense of boredom in the air. Like a child, you are bored of your toys and in search of something new that can invigorate and inspire you. The question you may be asking is – What next? Look out for opportunities that come your way and do not judge the book by its cover. If things have been moving slow, you will receive ideas or help on improvement. Be open to receiving and the universe will offer you much. This is a great time to pick up on meditation or yoga, if you’re stressed or want to connect with your inner self.

July to September – Ace of Cups


Boredom didn’t last that long and this quarter, you experience new-ness again. This phase marks the beginning of a new project, a new relationship, birth of a child or anything that kick starts your creative engine. Past wounds heal and you are back in business. All aces mark new beginnings and potential of developing something concrete through proper planning and persistence. Therefore, pay attention to your plans and ideas, as they will shape the future of your new-found passion. A very favorable quarter for singles, as cupid might be hovering in the air.

October to December – 7 of Pentacles.


The time of harvest has come. You enjoy the fruits of your labor this quarter. Financial growth is indicated and if you are experiencing any delays in completing something, you’re advise is to exercise patience. Alternatively, much work may be required at this time if you are to see success. You’re responsible to keep an eye on your projects and finances to see if things are not getting out of hand. Avoid taking hasty steps and know that the wait is worth it.

Career/Finances – Page of Wands: 

As we’ve already noticed that this year marks the beginning of new pursuits, the page of wands card affirms that fresh start awaits. Monetary returns may not be as much as you would expect, however, take note that you’re passion and drive is so high that your hard work will pay off in the end. Enjoy the journey by taking one step at a time. Work related travel is in the cards and you may get to visit some exotic locales. Money may be squandered on impulse, so keep a close watch that you don’t end up being a spend thrift and lose more money that you make.

Health – Tower

Librans, take caution with your health this year. Sudden events may cause health issues. Watch out for accidents and injuries. If you’ve had a difficult period with health, healing is indicated. You may have to rebuild your self completely or go on a special program.

Personal life – Ace of Wands

Get ready for a passion filled year. Librans possess the power to attract and mystify. Sensuality and sexiness is the theme in personal lives. Current relationships experience a new spark. The energy of the year is very active and fiery and you will possess the zest and vigor to re-discover your personal relations. Attractions will be mainly based on appearances than emotions. Although, it may not seem like true love, it will definitely be a fun-filled year with the potential of steering this passion in whichever direction you want to take it.



Summertime is a much favorable period for Librans where important events occur and decisions are made. If you’re wondering what would be a favorable time in the year to start a new venture, summer season is an opportune time . Librans are also advised to spend some time soaking in the energy of the sun, visit warmer locations for leisure and spend time outdoors.



  1. jeffytastic

    What a great blog entry! Being a Libra, sometimes I find it difficult to make decisions completely with my heart as I am extremely logical and try to weigh the pros and cons in nearly everything before I make a decision. Hopefully, if I put my energy in the right places, I can have a successful year emotionally!

    Liked by 1 person

    • tarotwithsonnyaa

      Looking at the number of cup cards that are repeated for Librans for 2015, I would say that the lesson this year is to let feelings come to the surface and allowing emotions to express fully. Thank you for your comment 🙂 Have a blessed year ahead!


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