The Lions have a lot to look forward to in 2015. From celebrations to new avenues, parties and social get together to travel, the energy of 2015 keeps you occupied all throughout the year.

January to March – Judgement

The first quarter has some heavy influence on the Lions and it is how they direct the energy of this season, that will determine the course of the later months. This is the time for action. Dormant energies are awakened, lucky second chances are offered and much awaited news finally reaches you. This is a great time to forgive and let go all that is not serving your purpose and doing you any good. For lions who have been under the weather or are dealing with a sickness or ailment of loved one’s, healing is offered. You are under the microscope or are putting others under the microscope. Pay attention to the signs and signals, as these are divinely directed and serve a greater purpose in your destiny.

April to May – 3 of cups

Woohoo! This is the time when the efforts of the first 3 months starts slowly paying off and you celebrate sweet success. Projects are completed, deals are sealed and your social life takes a whirl. Friends and loved one’s offer their support and much wining and dining takes place. The social creature in the fiery lion is out and there is much joy and happiness in this quarter.

June to August – 7 of cups

Lions, you have so much on your plate this quarter, that confusion is all over. There are so many options to choose from. More than one opportunity is presented to you, with each appearing as tempting as the next. Make careful choices as all may not be what it seems. For those of you who are busy day dreaming, it is time to get your head out of the clouds and make practical decisions. If you’re looking for career opportunities, you have many options to choose from.

September to December – 3 of Wands

After choosing from a plethora of options, you finally decide what you want. If you have made careful choices and done your research, this option starts off on a good note, with the potential of manifesting positive returns. Travel is in the cards, both overseas and domestic. Some of you may move cities or even countries for work. Your relationships enter a positive phase.

Career/Finances: Taking a look at your career and finances, this year, money needs to be under a careful watch. A lot of sacrifices are made for work and results may not be visible immediately. Do not lose heart with all the delays that you experience. Just be and go with the flow. The right things come at the right time.

Health – Lovers: The Lions can be rest assured that they have all support available where health is concerned. However, pay attention to all organs that have a twin counterpart eg. Kidneys, Lungs, eyes, arms etc Also, since lovers are closely associated with the heart, cardiovascular exercises help and regular heart check up is advised. Take care of your heart emotionally and physically.

Personal life – 8 of pentacles: This year, you will need to work hard to maintain your personal relationships. Some of you may be getting just started out in a new relationship that requires much work. For singles, ask yourself if you are ready for love and only then proceed with baby steps. If you have unresolved issues from the past, release them before you decide you are ready for love.


Lions, you get what you affirm. This year, make sure your mantra is to stay positive and affirm positive things. You are the master of your destiny and by focusing on your intentions, you manifest your heart’s desire. The Fairies and Angels are ready to assist, if you want their help with drawing the motivation in your life to start being positive. Pay careful attention to your thoughts, for thoughts become words and you know it, words become actions.


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