The Bulls have a year of hard work and struggle ahead, where you’re inner strength is put to test. You are advised to follow your heart and make your moves strategically. Let’s take an in-depth look at the year ahead.

January to March – 10 of Wands

The first quarter is a phase of stress, responsibilities and a lot of hard work. You feel as though there is no end to your responsibilities and question, how long? Pay attention to your back and if you’re caught up in a job that requires you to sit in front of the computer for long hours, make sure you take frequent breaks and move around a bit. Here’s a little tip for you – Don’t be so engrossed with your responsibilities that you lose sight of what is ahead of you. Focus on your goals and make sure you have your path defined.

April to June – Strength

The second quarter follows up with more challenges and this is the quarter where your patience and inner strength is tested. You are your best friend! Don’t be alarmed by the challenges ahead and know that you have it in you to face them headstrong. This is also a phase where you connect with others on a compassionate note. Relationships under this influence, require a lot of working. Get prepared to prove your worth and remember, these challenges only acquaint you with your hidden strengths.

July to September – Knight of Cups

After a much occupied 6 months, there is respite and the feel-good factor is back. This quarter, you make up your mind and follow your heart. You may also end up meeting a gentle, warm and sensitive lover or you may have a proposal to offer to that secret crush. Your message is to follow your heart and pursue your passion. Don’t be afraid to wear your heart upon your sleeve.

October to December – 7 of Swords

This quarter asks you to be clever and plan your every move carefully. STRATEGY is your keyword. Travel is indicated and if you are thinking of making a move from a job or a situation, think wisely before you take any steps. While there is strategy involved, be warned against deception and manipulation. You may want to be extra careful with your belongings from theft. Be careful who you share your ideas with. If you’re wondering whether to trust someone or not, you better make sure you have all the information before you proceed.

Career/Finances – 7 of pentacles:

Although, this year tests your strength, all your hard work pays off well in the end. Pet projects need to be given extra attention and you will need to be patient to see the results. Job applications may take longer than expected. Your efforts bear fruits and you taste success after all the hard work.

Health – Emperor
Pay attention to your head. Migraine, head aches, head injuries are likely. Do not stress yourself too much and remember, all work and no play, made Jack a dull boy. Take breaks and rejuvenate as and when time permits. While being organised and disciplined is necessary, loosen up a little.

Romance: 6 of wands.
This year, romance looks good. Singles are in the market with many admirers. The one’s who are already hooked enjoy a period of happiness and if dealing with a strained relationship, you emerge happy and victorious. Tip – Make sure you pay deserving compliments to your partner every now and then to raise their spirit and inspire them.

Fairy/Angel message: FLOWER POWER

The fairies and Angels bring your attention to flowers. Surround yourself with the positive energy of flowers. Think Aromatherapy to de-stress. Work with flower essence. Use rose oil to open your heart center and lavender to enjoy a peaceful night of sleep. Plant a tree and go green!


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