The Twins have a year of new beginnings, new potential, learning and Karmic debts. Work and personal life brings new joy. You master new stuff through practice and perseverance. Let us take an in-depth look at the year ahead.

January to March – Ace of Wands

What a great way to kickstart the new year! New beginnings! New place, new job, new inspiration, new projects, new everything… There is much to harness during this quarter’s energy. Pay attention to your ideas and creative impulses. What may seem just a start, will go a long way, if steered in the right direction. For women expecting babies, this is a much fertile time. Opportunities may present out of nowhere.

April to June – Ace of Cups

While the first three months are all about creative beginnings and work related opportunities, this quarter indicates new emotional beginnings. Romance is in the cards. You may find yourself attracted to someone and love comes knocking on your door. A birth of a child is also indicated, bringing along lots of joy and bonding. Old emotional wounds are forgotten and new emotional beginnings are welcomed. The energy of this phase is still in its initial stage, so do not be hasty with your commitments. This is also a favorable month to follow your passion and heart.

July to September – 8 of Pentacles

This is the phase where all the learning begins. Training programs, apprenticeships or simply mastering something new are all in the card. You find yourself engaged at bettering yourself and expanding your knowledge. Folks planning on further education, this is your green signal and if you have already taken up courses, you will find yourself engaged in learning. This quarter is also favorable to those seeking a new work opportunity. If you’re not getting something right, try and try again for you will win at last.

October to December – Justice

The last quarter indicates the need to strike balance. Adopt logic over emotions. This phase has heavy karmic energy and so, be careful what you sow, for it is what you will reap. Peeps stuck with legal battles, you will finally see an end to all the stressful nights and days. Justice will be served and if you are on the right side, you will end up winning that court battle that dragged on for days or months or even years. This month asks that you be fair to everyone. Court marriages are in the card. Be prepared to handle the truth, which doesn’t always come with a ribbon on it. Confusions will be cleared and much clarity will be gained during this period.

Career/Finances – 6 of Swords: Work related travel in indicated this year. You may move to a different town or even switch countries. If finances have stressed you out, this year you make that transition towards stability and better things in life.

Health – Hanged Man: Health situation takes time to improve. Pay attention to your body this year. What is it that your physical body is in need of? Muscle pain, sprain, strains are likely. Go for a chakra cleansing.

Romance – Hermit: Romantically, this is a year to do some soul searching and ask yourself, what you really want? A time of solitude is indicated to understand yourself better. You will feel like going back into your cave frequently, learn, figure things out and return to the world, with a fresh perspective. You may also meet a partner who is much older to you or wise beyond their years. remember the saying, Solitude is a bliss?

Fairy/Angel message: PREGNANCY

The title says it all. As indicated above, this year brings happiness and joy to many Geminians who enjoy parenthood or hear the good news from close one’s. Alternatively, this is a great year for the birth of new ideas and plans. Pay attention to your motivations and inspirations. If you’ve been contemplating on adopting a child, this year offers the opportunity to do so.


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