2015 is a bright and positive year for the Ram. Movement and big changes are foreseen this year, bringing in success, recognition and fortune. Let’s take a quick look at the four quarters to see the energy embodied in the months to come.

January to March – The Sun

New beginnings, positive energy and start of creative projects will keep you busy during the first three months. There is a childlike approach to everything and there is much enthusiasm and excitement to inspire you. For those of you planning to tie the knot, this is a very favorable month to make the big move. If you have had a tough time with your finances or relationships, a fresh bout of energy will swamp you this quarter. For those of you looking for a new job, good news is on it’s way. Travel is also indicated, though it is most likely to be for leisure. Grab the opportunities that come your way this quarter and celebrate life.

April to June – 5 of cups

This quarter, you deal with losses and disappointments that emotionally weigh you down. Don’t worry, for this too shall pass. You may be stuck on your losses than your gains and there is a possibility of crying over spilt milk. Well, turn around and look at what you can salvage, instead of brooding on what is gone. Are you wasting too much time on what is not serving your purpose? All is not lost and if you look ahead, there is still time to save much. Do not be disappointed as this isn’t rock bottom. For people stuck in the past, time to say hello to your present and plan your future.

July to September – 6 of wands

Aries, you and your never give up attitude propels you ahead. From the tough times of the last quarter, you emerge victorious and get the recognition that you so deserve. This phase indicates good news coming your way, so whether it is personal or professional, you will receive accolades for a job well done and move towards bigger surprises.

October to December – Wheel of Fortune

Voila! You’ve hit the jackpot. Things are changing; cycles are ending making way for new one’s. Jupiter is blessing you with much happiness, prosperity and wealth. Get ready for a major shift! A word of advise though – you might wanna watch out with investing your moolah in the wrong places. Gambling or risky investment are a strict no-no. Money and good luck comes your way smoothly and if you have been waiting for that lucky break, the energy of the last quarter will take you on a roller coaster ride.

Career/Finances – Logically sought after decision will keep you going and much clarity is needed before you jump the gun in matters related to work/finances. Follow your head and let your heart take the backseat.

Health – Avoid taking risks of any kind with your health. Planned diet, regular health check ups and caution is advised this year.

Romance – Your relationships undergo transformation and some you may experience losses, romantically. Take heart that endings only make way for new beginnings. While it is natural to mourn over losses, make sure you don’t stay stuck in the limbo. There are new things in store for you.

Fairy and Angel message: PATIENCE PLEASE

Ariens, the fairies and angels advise you to be patient in all your dealings this year. Don’t lose hope and heart if things don’t go your way, right when you expect it. There are hidden factors involved and trust that it is for your overall benefit.


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