Cancerians, this is a year of establishing boundaries, foundations, owning your personal power and celebration. Your focus is more on materialistic ventures and this is a great year for business. Let’s move to the four quarters of 2015.

January to March – Emperor


The year starts with authority playing an important role. There is a need to get organized, disciplined and exercise your power. You may be under the influence of a tyrannical boss or a parent/authority figure, who needs results, no matter how. You enjoy the security of employment but much is needed out of you in return. In love, beware of that dominating man/woman who always wants to have things his/her way. Your partner maybe someone who finds it hard to express his/her emotions. If looking for advise, turn to trusted sources.

April to June – Magician


In the second quarter, you are advised to take action. Yes, you have all the ingredients needed for success, all resources at your disposal for a desired outcome. However, what is lacking my friend is action. The time is ripe to make the move whether it has to do with business or personal matters. A new opportunity comes your way and you impress onlookers with the skills you possess. Communication plays a very important role in all your dealings. Make sure you communicate your needs and requirements. Beware of con men and superficial personalities.

July to September – 9 of Swords


The third quarter looks stressful and you are asked to pay attention to your thoughts. Worries and anxiety may cloud your judgement. Watch out for insomnia, negative sleep patterns and nightmares caused due to high levels of stress. You are advised to take an objective view of your problems, as many times, what you perceive as a predicament is only a reflection of your thoughts. Remember, this too shall pass and every night follows the day.

October to December – 3 of Cups


After a dark third quarter that stressed you out, it is now time to see the dawn and celebrate. In the end, you come out a winner. Parties, celebration, social get together are all in the cards and you meet new friends or reconnect with old one’s. All’s well that end’s well and much peace and happiness is gained during the last quarter.

Career/Finances – 3 of wands:

New avenues open up this year and a possible overseas travel (or domestic), is indicated. Your efforts pay off and projects and ventures bring favorable returns.

Health – 2 of Wands:

Watch out for vision defects or problems related to your eyes, this year. Strike a balance when it comes to your health. Anything in extreme can have unfavorable consequences and this year is red flag for over-indulgence. Balance your chakras or go for energy healing.

Romance – Queen of Cups:

Cancerians, being a water sign, you are more in touch with your emotions this year. Existing bonds become stronger with mutual love and respect. Singles, you may end up meeting an emotionally mature individual who is sensitive, gentle and caring.

Fairy/Angel message: BUSINESS VENTURE

This is a wonderful year to start new business ventures, choose self-employment and trust your instincts on a business idea. Alternatively, a new career opportunity comes your way. Do not worry about the how’s. Follow your heart and leave the rest to the Universe to manifest your desire.


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