Card of the day for 30th December, 2014

Wheel of Fortune


Today’s energy is very powerful, as 2014 draws a close. Major changes are at force today and one phase of your life is ending to give way to a new and exciting phase. Luck favors you and money may come through various sources. Under the effect of the Wheel of fortune, destiny works in your favor, so don’t be surprised if you win the lottery or get lucky in a game of chance. This card is also also a message to move ahead, trusting in the divine. A bad phase is nearing an end. Overall, the energy is quite strong and powerfulfor new beginnings. Trust and keep rolling with the wheel!



One comment

  1. Shivashish Sinha

    Let’s say the new year is a wait…. A story for me…. Reading it surely helped but when the th0rn bush turns white that’s when I’ll c0me h0me…. I am g0ing 0ut t0 see what I can s0w…. And I d0n’t kn0w where I’ll g0 and I d0n’t kn0w what I’ll see…. But I’ll try n0t t0 bring it back h0me with me….


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